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关于”友谊的好句“的英语句子34个,句子主体:Good words of friendship.。以下是关于友谊的好句的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Good words of friendship.


1、Wealth is nothing to do with the quality of friendship, but poor but can test most friends abhorred love of true and false.


2、Friendship Hospital nutrition director Hongzhong said the new summer thirst, the best tea.


3、But the good news is that most friendships can be mended.


4、The value of friendship in both our lives is immense. And I also think we have a shared curiosity.


5、There is work required in friendship and usually it has to do with paying attention. The little things matter.

友谊像花朵, 好好地培养, 可以开的心花怒放! --- 大仲马。

6、The friendship looks like flowers, train attentively, can open extremely happily. --- Dumas Senior.


7、In Japan, daisies are believed to symbolize an "amicable or platonic relationship."


6)A good book is the best of friends,the same today and forever. (好书如挚友,情谊永不渝.)


9、Fourth, deepen friendship, be forward-looking, and vigorously promote friendly exchanges between various sectors of our two countries.


10、Guangzhou Medical school third affiliated hospital nutrition branch nutritionist once the green hill said.

中吉是友好邻邦,两国同为上海合作组织成员国。 中吉人民有着深厚的传统友谊。

11、China and Kyrgyzstan, as friendly neighbours and members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization(SCO), enjoy deep traditional friendship between their people.

友谊的感觉好比肚子里舒舒服服地塞 满了烤 牛肉;

12、The feeling of friendship is like that of being comfortably filled with roast beef;


13、We've had our ups and downs, but friends are hard to come by, so we'll be best friends forever.

ASB 和中国有着不解之缘,不仅是友谊更是友好和平的象征。

14、ASB and China, is not only a special friendship is the symbol of peace and friendship.


15、Gilani said Pakistan and China share a time-tested and all-weather friendship which has taken root deep in the hearts of the two peoples.


16、Ms. PING-TING LI: It's means that we have a really great friendship between the two countries.


17、Make a special friendship book for your best friend and tell him orher how special it is.


18、The text reads "Strong be the unshakable Afghan-Soviet friendship," reiterating a 1978 friendship treaty.

好书如挚友, 情谊永不渝。

19、A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever.


20、Yes, I know Youyou, thank you care about my sisters, friendship forever, Oh!

21、A best-friendship gets out of balance when the intensity becomes too onesided.一旦失去了平衡,最好的友谊也会受到伤害。

22、Khamtay highly commented on the Laos-China traditional friendship and friendly cooperative ties.坎代高度评价老中传统友谊和友好合作关系。

23、He said China will convert a loan into a grant for the construction of an international conference center in Bangladesh as a sign of the friendship between the two peoples.为了体现中国人民对孟加拉国人民的友好情谊,中国决定将援建的中孟友谊国际会议中心无偿赠送给孟方。

24、The traditional friendship, good neighborliness, mutual trust, mutually beneficial cooperation and generations of friendliness between China and Asian neighbors are gaining increasing popularity.中国与亚洲邻国的传统友谊、睦邻互信、互利合作和世代友好更加深入人心。

25、The text reads "Strong be the unshakable Afghan-Soviet friendship, " reiterating a 1978 friendship treaty.下方红色字体写的是“阿-苏友谊坚定不移”,重申了xx年两国签订的友好条约。

英文句子26:,26、China and Pakistan are friendly neighbors and we share an all-weather friendship and all-dimensional cooperation.中巴是友好邻邦,我们两国有着全天候的友谊和全方位的合作。

27、You're very competitive! It's meant to be a friendly match.你的好胜心太强了!这只是场友谊赛。

28、Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love.治愈情伤最好的药就是友谊带来的安慰。

29、Which ones have had the greatest effect on you?同样的,我们对友谊都很重视、也都有很重的好奇心。

30、Thanks for being friend with me and I'll treasure up our friendship.希望我们能够成为无话不说的好朋友,我会珍惜我们的友谊。

31、Chinese hosts also offer cigarettes to guests as a sign of hospitality and sincere friendship.在中国,主人把给客人提供香烟,看作好客和友谊的象征。

32、Form ancient times the Afghanistan-China friendship has always been established on the basis of good-neighborly friendship, mutually beneficial cooperation and mutual respect.从古至今,阿中友谊一直建立在睦邻友好、互利合作和相互尊重的基础之上。

33、Choose friends to be cautious! Tunnel of selfishness, will wear the mask of friendship, you set a trap to pit.选择朋友一定要谨慎!地道的自私自利,会戴上友谊的假面具,却又设好陷阱来坑你。

34、A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever. 好书如挚友, 情谊永不渝。

35、It was a meeting of two insect-obsessed eccentrics that would lead to a long friendship.那是两个疯狂的昆虫爱好者的会面,从此建立起了长久的友谊。

36、Often, they choose teammates based upon previous experiences or friendships, only to discover that a friend's work style doesn't mesh with theirs.通常,他们根据以往的经历或者友谊来选择队友,仅仅是看到了好朋友的工作方式和自己非常契合。

37、Understanding is a wisp of cool breeze, a smile is a gift, understanding is bridge, admiration is a bouquet of flowers.理解是友谊中的桥梁一座,赞赏是鼓励中的鲜花一束 信心是好友间的太阳一轮,宽容是情谊上的月亮一个。

38、A: China and Pakistan are good neighbors that enjoy all-weather friendship and all-dimensional cooperation.答:巴基斯坦是我们的友好近邻,中巴之间有着全天候友谊和全方位合作。

39、Zhangmu port climate well, elevation 2400 meters, 1700 meters Borders friendship bridge.樟木口岸气候较好,海拔2400米,国界友谊桥头1700米。

40、Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love. 治愈情伤最好的药就是友谊带来的安慰。

41、Meanwhile, we should further expand the friendly exchanges between the people, especially the youths, of the two countries to boost mutual understanding and friendship.应进一步扩大两国国民尤其是青少年友好交流,增进相互了解和友谊;

42、2011 is the "Year of China-Pakistan Friendship".今年是中巴友好年,双方正举行一系列活动庆祝两国业已存在的深厚友谊。

43、The birds begin to fascinate Al and the two develop a close friendship which strengthens in troubled times and blooms in good times.艾尔逐渐被鸟儿吸引,两人发展成为亲密好友。 他们的友谊,在艰难时期巩固,在好日子里开花。

44、Friendship i! mp! roves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joys and dividing our grief.友谊能增加快乐,减少痛苦。因为好朋友会让我们的快乐加倍,还会分担我们的悲伤。

45、The return of the Milu deer is a good example of friendship and cooperation between China and Britain.麋鹿回归是中英两国友谊和合作的一个很好的例子。

46、People of the two countries have maintained sincere friendship and support each other on an equal footing. Profound friendship between the two peoples has been established.两国人民始终真诚友好,平等相待,互相支持,结下了深厚的友谊。

47、All right, as a token offriendship, we accept your counter-offer.好吧,作为友谊的象征,我们接受你方还盘。

48、"Spending time with friends is a great way to celebrate Valentine's, right?" Charlie.“情人节和好朋友一起过也很不错吧,对不?”贝拉老爸查理特重友谊。

49、We both value our traditional friendship and are committed to enhancing it.我们双方都珍视中非传统友谊,诚心诚意致力于中非友好事业。

50、I have four divine children, the best brother life could have given me, marvellous friends.老天赐我四个小孩,给了我最好的兄弟情谊,还有了不起的朋友们。

经典英文句子51:友谊的好句,51、Your "blood brother" is a boy or a man with whom you have a very strong friendship.你的“结拜兄弟”就是和你有很好的友谊的一个男孩或者男人。

52、The 55-year history of exchanges proves that both sides are true good neighbors, friends and partners and share all-weather friendship and all-round cooperation.xx年的交往历史表明,我们是真正的好邻居、好朋友、好伙伴,有着全天候友谊、全方位合作。

53、The basis of their friendship was common interest in sports.对体育运动的共同爱好是他们友谊的基础。

54、Hi, everyone. I'm Liu Yalan, you can call me Lydia. I come from Sino-Cuba Friendship Primary School.大家好!我叫刘雅澜,是中古友谊小学xx年级的学生。

55、In friendship, your word as your honor is a given.在友谊里,你说话算话就会有好声誉。

56、China and Pakistan are friendly neighbours, enjoying all-weather friendship and all-directional cooperation.中国和巴基斯坦是友好邻邦,有着全天候友谊和全方位合作关系。

57、Good morning. Excuse me, but could you tell me how to go to the Friendship Store? I can't find the exact spot on the map.早上好。劳驾,您能告诉我怎样到友谊商店吗?我在地图上找不到友谊商店的具体地点。

58、E.T. immortalized Reese's Pieces by Hershey's as the candy of interstellar friendship.T被好时引入牛奶巧克力做为星际友谊糖果。

59、The friendship and solidarity between the youths of the two countries represents our friendship in the future.中俄两国青年的友谊和团结,代表着两国友好的未来。

60、My friendship with Malcolm grew but my curiousity remained.我和马尔科姆之间的友谊渐长,但我对他的好奇依然如故。

61、So be sure to fortify your friendships with time devoted exclusively to each person.因此,你应该全心全意地单独与每位好友相处,以此巩固你们的友谊。

62、a good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever. 好书如挚友, 情谊永不渝。

63、He said China and Indonesia are friendly neighbors and the two peoples enjoy time-honored friendly exchanges.他说,马来西亚是中国的友好邻邦,两国人民传统友谊源远流长。

64、China is South Asia's biggest neighbor. Our traditional friendship boasts a history of more than a thousand years. Our good-neighborly relations are deep-rooted.中国是南亚最大邻国,双方传统友谊绵延千年,睦邻友好基础深厚;

65、Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love。治愈情伤最好的药就是友谊带来的安慰。

66、I need friends and I think I can make good friends because I usually attach much importance to friendships (Except sometimes attaching more importance to sensation).我需要朋友也自认为可以结交好朋友,因为我一向很看重友谊(除了偶尔会重色轻友外)。

67、What thas gone is that beautiful period; which remains is the precious friendship between us.逝去的是那段美好的时光,留下的却是你我那份最珍贵的友谊。 啚。

68、Better to go down dignified With boughten friendship at your side Than none at all. Provide, provide!最好是庄严地从你这里结束,这段买来的友谊,这比什么都没有要好,给予,给予!

69、Now I have new friends, but I still miss my best friend, our friendship is lossing as our communication stops.现在我有了新的朋友,但我依然想念我最好的朋友,我们的友谊随着交流停止而失去了。

70、Saleh noted that Yemeni people have always held profound friendly feelings towards Chinese people.萨利赫说,也门人民对中国人民一向怀有深厚的友好情谊。

71、Everyone of us, rich or poor, should at least has a good friend. Friendship is like a hidden treasure. And my best friend is Yu Yan.富人还是穷人,我们每个人都应该至少有一个好朋友。友谊就像一个隐藏的宝藏。和我最好的朋友是玉燕。

72、Great news, whole of Pakistan should get benefited by Chinese gestures. Long live Pakistan - China friendship.真是好消息,整个巴基斯坦都将受益。中巴友谊万岁。

73、The DPRK-China Friendship Year has effectively boosted the friendship and trust between the two peoples.朝中友好年活动有力地促进了两国人民的友谊和信任。

74、But if you can build professional friendships and work with people, there is no better co-founder with someone you have at least pretty high level of trust and friendship with.但是如果你真能在工作的,同时建立职业上的友谊,那没有比这再好不过的合作伙伴了,你们至少有,很高的信任度和友谊。

75、Our teams often have friendship matches with team from other schools.我们体育队与其他学校体育队比赛时一直都保持很好的友谊。

英文句子模板76:Good words of friendship.,76、A dog and a cat were good friends. They ate and slept together every day, even their owner envied their friendship.狗和猫是好朋友。他们吃住在一起,就连他们的主人都羡慕他们的友谊。

77、How to meet new and good friends, establish relationships and keep them for life? Here’s some facts.如何结识新的好朋友, 建立朋友关系并保持友谊天长地久呢?

78、A: China and Pakistan share profound traditional friendship and sound cooperation relations.答:中巴有着非常深厚的传统友谊和良好的合作关系。


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