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关于”表示比较的句型“的英语句子20个,句子主体:Sentence patterns for comparison。以下是关于表示比较的句型的高中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentence patterns for comparison


1、Right slanting writing shows a more outgoing or extrovert nature.


2、In Chapter

2, we introduce some typical graphical representations of bio-sequences.

除了值比较,还可以使用 self 轴(由点 “.” 表示)来表达 “between” 谓词。

3、As an alternative to value comparisons, you can use the self axis (denoted by a dot ".") to express a "between" predicate.


4、It could be that optimistic people tend to be healthier in general; they are more likely to be slim and physically active and less likely to smoke, a researcher says.


5、A comparison is made for the shapes of experimental saddle point with the theoretical predictions by the liquid drop model.


6、Here are some of the most prominent characteristics of the Nokia 5530.


7、And lower fan speed means lower power consumption.


8、From the comparisons with other kinds of models it can be seen that this new geopotential model can provide more high accuracy in medium wavelength.

的数量和类型垫片是相同的表示,在该B - 200型汽车,除了有一个直径较大。

9、The number and type of gaskets is identical to that of the B-200 motor, except having a larger diameter.


10、Shades of red represent warmer than normal temperatures, with blues depicting cooler.


11、Compared with quadtree representation, the average space saving of P-quadtree representation is about 94%.


12、We propose a new data model named DPG (Directed Probability Graph) to represent the documents, which makes it easy to recognize the shared phrases of them.


13、But Dumbo's tormentors are actually even smaller, scientists claim.


14、Exercise tests showed higher endurance in subjects who had been eating high-fat diets in comparison with high-carbohydrate diets.


15、Therefore, lower numbers equate to better performance in graphs showing quantitative comparisons.


16、The result of comparison between the model-predicted data and experimental data shows that the model is of reliable precision.


17、Others more sensitive to the quality of the real estate involved demurred .


18、Where the naught refers now to the standard concentration.

结果提示HLA 分型是一种比较准确地解决亲子纠纷的方法。

19、Results indicated that the HLA phenotyping is a more efficient method for paternity test.


20、Models typically bear single-core processors, yes, and also have a smaller screen, but the displays aren’t impossibly small.

21、It means the speaker makes a choice after weighing up the gains and losses.它表示的是说话人比较了两种做法的利害得失之后做出的选择。

22、Objective: To study phenotype trait of Shigella boydii aerogenesis variety type 目的:研究我省鲍氏志贺菌14型(C14)产气变种流行菌株的表型特性,比较与大肠杆菌O32之间表型特性的相关性。

14 in shandong province, and to compare it with F. coli O32.

23、Thus, Rosenfeld said, encoding of guilty knowledge was relatively shallow.因此,罗森菲尔德表示,对犯罪意识编码相对来讲比较浅层的。

24、Researchers are also interested in finding out how a footballer actually kicks a ball.有研究人员表示对足球运动员如何踢球比较感兴趣。

25、If he were to come home and talk about all his problems, then she could be more compionate.如果他回到家能谈他所有的问题,妻子就比较能表示同情。

英文句子26:,26、It was shown that transgenic Arabidopsis had higher activities of GST, GPX and MDHAR than its wild type;结果显示,转基因拟南芥比野生型具有较高的GST、GPX以及MDHAR酶活性;

27、The lawyer said, compared to the provincial capital, or receive income physicians, income is fixed and better, this is beyond question.该律师表示,比较起来,还是向省府领取收入的医生,收入较固定及较好,这是毋庸置疑的。

28、The BRC said the results were encouraging, particularly given the comparison with a strong performance in June last year.BRC表示数据令人鼓舞,特别是作为比较基期的去年xx月本来表现就不错,今年与之相比仍能有如此佳绩.

29、Also shows how to perform more complex comparisons based on a custom comparer.此外,还演示如何根据自定义比较器执行更复杂的比较。

30、Some people are overambitious. As a result, they are usually unhappy.Tom did not work hard; hence, he failed. Ⅳ表示“比较关系”: Likewise, similarly, in a like manner 等,如:

31、Changes of gene expression pattern of the Lung meridian group, the Heart meridian group and the model group in the heart were compared.比较肺经组与模型组、心经组与模型组的心脏基因表达谱变化。

32、Schwartz said this technology is better suited for tracking inventory, not people.舒瓦兹表示,这项科技比较适合用于追踪存货,而非身上。

33、When the Compare finishes, a Compare Results View similar to Figure 完成比较后,将会显示与图

7 is displayed.

7 类似的比较结果视图。

34、(Figure (如图

4) shows two charts displaying components and types in the heap dump that contribute the most to the size of the heap.

4 所示)显示了两个图表,显示在堆大小中占比例最大的堆转储中的组件和类型。

35、This is my humble drawing to indicate discrete sodium chlorine pairs.我画的比较丑,想表示不连续的氯化钠对。

36、Compared with the bike, the car runs much faster. The climate in Walton is colder than that of other cities. 评议与分析:许多考生在作文中用compare或than表示比较,但相当多的表达有误。

37、Now, he says, more value can be found in well- capitalised , smaller growth companies.他表示,但如今,资本充足、规模较小的增长型企业能创造更大的价值。

38、These nouns are compared as they mean a state of disagreement and disharmony.这些名词相比较是由于它们都表示一种不一致和不协调的状态。

39、Provancher says the study is the first to set a benchmark for the efficiency of climbing robots against which future models may be compared.Provancher表示这项研究首次设定了机器人爬行效率的基准,在将来的设计模型中也会以此作为比较。

40、Smaller precious metal miners are also well placed, Liddle said, pointing to their low valuations relative to large-cap peers.他还表示较小型贵金属矿商形势亦佳,相较大型同业而言,估值仍低.

41、"We then deposit the pieces onto silicon wafers or other, more flexible substrates, " Yang says.杨阳表示:「我们将薄片沉积在矽晶圆或比较容易弯曲的其他基材上。」

42、Extrorse Denoting anthers in which dehiscence lines are to the outside of the flower, promoting cross-pollination. Compare introrse.表示花药开裂朝向花的外部,可促进异花授粉。比较。

43、This indicates that students with better study achievement of science or Chinese will also have better performance on explanation of phenomena.显示自然科或国文科学习成就较高的学生在对现象做解释时,各方面的表现也都会比较好。

44、Comparing a mockup table with the JTable from the running example通过运行示例比较模拟表和 JTable

45、It also shows the comparison of the CUST_EMAIL columns from the same tables.它还显示了来自相同的表的 CUST_EMAIL 列的比较。

46、Remember that colloquial speech is used by people who are familiar with each other.记住:口语表示法经常用于比较熟悉的人之间。

47、Thee number and type of gaskets is identical to that of the B-200 motor, except having a larger diameter.的数量和类型垫片是相同的表示,在该B - 200型汽车,除了有一个直径较大。

48、Conclusion The Chinese Cognitive Ability Scale had excellent construct validity and fluid-crystal model and five-factor model are better theoretical models.结论华文认知能力量表具有较好的结构效度,晶体-流体和五因素模型是比较合适的理论模型。

49、I've snipped a lot of the indirection and the more esoteric ways taxonomy links are expressed.我去掉了大量间接的内容和比较深奥的分类链接表示方法。

50、The author would like to thank Luciano Resende for providing the feature comparison table shown in Figure 作者真诚地感谢 Luciano Resende 提供图


13 所示的功能比较表。

经典英文句子51:表示比较的句型,51、In order to make figures comparable, data are given also on a degreased (scoured) basis.为了便于数字比较,数据也按脱脂羊毛表示。

52、Method:Four space form comparison.方法:四格表比较。

53、Small cap outperformance indicates confidence in economic recovery, since the sector has a more cyclical mix than blue chips.小型类股的超前表现显示出对经济复苏的信心,因和绩优股相较,小型股有较多景气循环股.

54、Three methods for design of SAW filter with two p bands and a trap are presented.研究比较了几种陷阱型双通带声表面波滤波器的设计方法。

55、The morphology of the composite electrode observed by SEM showed that PPy was uniformly coated on the MWNTs.扫描电子显微镜表征结果显示,聚吡咯比较均匀地附于碳纳米管的表面;

56、The following tables show how resource utilization compares for each mail template.下表显示了每个邮件文件的资源利用率的比较。

57、Typically, their display screens show fewer lines than displays on larger computers and can be difficult to read in bright light.一般而言这种机器的显示屏比较大型机显示器的显示行要少在强光下读起来困难。

58、Ms Romer said the latest economic data were encouraging, following a weaker patch a month ago.罗默表示,一个月前的数据比较疲软,而最新数据则令人鼓舞。

59、It is found that slight erosion disperses over an area for nanostructured W-Cu and severe erosion locates on several sites for conventional W-Cu cathodes.结果显示:纳米材料的阴极斑点分布在较为分散的面上,而且阴极表面烧蚀比较轻微,而常规材料的阴极斑点局域在个别点上,阴极表面烧蚀比较严重。

60、Daniels:Mr. Yang, can you tell us in what ways the new EBP is better than the old model?杨先生,您能不能为我们表示一下新型的EBP在哪些方面比旧型的好?

61、Figure 图

4 takes String out of the equation and rescales the chart to show more clearly how Rope and StringBuffer performance compare.

4 从比较中撤出 String的结果,调整了图表的比例,更清楚地显示了 Rope和 StringBuffer性能的对比。

62、The volume of the e collapsing toward the furnace center was quantified by applying the slope stability theory of soil mechanics.运用土力学边坡稳定理论,定量表示了焦炭向高炉中心的坍塌量。 模拟结果与实测结果比较符合,证明此模型是适用的。

63、However, all the logical and comparison operators consistently return the value 然而,所有逻辑和比较运算符都全部返回值 1,表示真。

1 for true.



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