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1、remain most unspoken.


2、Always margin of shallow, helpless feeling.


3、Thebest way to succeed long-term is to deeply believe that what you're doingmatters.

我爱你,深入骨髓。 暗地情人。

4、I love you, in-depth bone marrow.


5、She cherishes his memory still in unforgetting affection.


6、Enjoy beauty of winter of ice city, enjoy friendship of harmonious world.


7、If the thought or emotion is very deep, panna will also be deep.


8、Conflicting emotions, blooming flowers. Plunge into the deep, can not extricate themselves.


9、Origin fate out because deep origin.


10、My love for you is as deep as the sea.

我被他的盛情 款待深深感动,便给他写了一封感谢信。

11、I was deeply touched by his hospitality and wrote him a thank-you letter.


12、The feeling of mourning is deep and thrilling.

13、If all affectionate care, that I would rather no one answered. 倘若所有深情都只是牵挂,那我情愿没有人回答。


14、Catherine's charm and talent is deeply attracted Ayma, and she had a irresistible love.

15、If it weren't for loving thought as the sea. How can overrun.若不是深情似海,思


16、Deep feelings are hard to put into words.


17、China was, he confessed, an addiction with him.


18、Rarely will darken concrete or pavers.


19、Always feeling, but rim shallow.

20、when lone in deep feeling,we cherish each other ,we never deparate情到深处若惜不离

21、She has big soulful eyes.她有一双深情款款的大眼睛。

22、Absence diminishes little pions and increases great ones, just as the wind blows out a candle and fans a fire.分离淡化浅薄的感情而深化深厚的情谊,正好像风可以吹灭蜡烛却可以使火焰烧得更旺。

23、We condole with him on his loss.我们对他的损失深表同情。

24、We are brothers as thick as thieves.我们手足情深亲密无间。

25、18 always margin of shallow, how deep.向来缘浅,奈何情深。

英文句子26:,26、Intense cherry red colour with garnet reflections.热情的樱桃红映衬着深红色泽。

27、Gazing affectionately at you every night. 每夜都在深情地注视着你。

28、Lin looked into her face with tenderness.林大娘深情地看着她的脸。

29、You are totally, madly, completely, head-over-heels in love.你真的是完完全全疯狂地不可救药地深深地陷入爱情之中。

30、Alwayss margin of shallow How deep.向来缘浅,奈何情深。

31、I filled my lungs, luxuriating in the sensation.我深呼吸,沉湎于感情中。

32、I sympathize with you.我对您深表同情!

33、It is a deeper, more abiding emotion.幸福是更深刻、更持久的情感。

34、I can recollect many things which I did not understand, but which stirred me deeply.我能记起许多我不能理解但却使我深深激动的事情。

35、Love is always a man, the woman is always pionately devoted.一见钟情的永远是男人,一往情深的永远是女人。

36、Aunt Lin looked into her face with tenderness.林大娘深情地看着她的脸。

37、She was very sympathetic when my mother died.她对我母亲的去世深表同情。

38、I'm going to say it once more with feeling.我要再深情地讲一次

39、They also give others an insight into us as people and into our own deep feelings and emotions.他们还让别人把我们一个深刻见解的人,进入我们自己的深厚感情和情绪。

40、I feel with you in your sorrow.我对你的不幸深表同情。

41、Third, the gr-roots level to review the facts;三是深入基层察实情;

42、If it weren't for loving thought as the sea. How can overrun.若不是深情似海,

43、He the Mou color depth sink ground to hope the woman of one side, to her profound love, he will soon do to her of affair, filled to deeply worry.他眸色深沉地望着一旁的女人,对她深深的爱,让他对她即将要做的事情,盛满了深深的担心。

44、My recalling is filled with your deep love.回首是你一往情深。

45、If it weren't for loving thought as the sea. How can overrun.若不是深情

46、Talking with her , your tone should be profound.说话的语气情深意长。

47、The deep love, affection to be painful depths, is lonely.爱到深处是心痛,情到深处是孤独。

48、Years will wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkle the soul. worry fear, self-dirtrust bows the heart and turns the spirit back to dust.无情的岁月的流逝,留下了深深的皱纹,而热忱的丧失,会在深处打下烙印,焦虑、恐惧、自卑,终会使心情沮丧,意志消亡。

49、I never wish to be partedfrom you from this day on.(最深情的一段)

50、Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Worry, fear, self-distrust bows the heart and turns the spring back to dust.无情岁月的流逝,留下了深深的皱纹,而热忱的丧失,会在深处打下烙印。焦虑、恐惧、自卑,最终会使人心情沮丧,意志消亡。

经典英文句子51:深情,51、"Nature's love"Flowers make to erfly relationship, Lin deep draw bird debate.《自然情》 花香惹来蝶恋情,林深引来鸟争鸣。

52、It held some denial of mortality, or a rejection of its own transience, that struck him as particularly human.这张脸上有某种拒绝死亡的表情,或者是拒绝其自己常态的表情,这个特别的人深深地打动了他。

53、同意楼上的 不过我觉得I will always love you.更深情一点。

54、Still they call forth my warm affection's tear.它们依旧汲引我深情的泪液。

55、The film is to end Joe.影片结尾时乔对凯瑟琳深情地说。

56、As the crickets praise a love ocean-deep;蟋蟀清唱着似海深的爱情;

57、Affection is death! | how afraid fell bone dust!深情已是死罪! | 怎怕挫骨扬灰!

58、as love is in deep feeling,I from drunk情到深处人自醉

59、If it weren't for loving thought as the sea. How can overrun.若不是深情似

60、You save for a rainy day emotions. I used feeling deep imprint.你未雨绸缪的情绪。我用情极深的烙印。

61、Tell the readers about the 500lb squat.告诉读者们你深蹲500磅的事情。

62、My love for you is as deep as the sea。对你的爱,情深似海。

63、Hundred no one is affectionate.百无一用是深情。

64、Always shallow edge, but the deep love.向来缘浅,奈何情深。

65、If it weren't for loving thought as the sea. How can overrun.若不是深情似海

66、C. His sad story dos her feel pity.他的悲惨历程使她深表同情。



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