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关于”句子的八大基本结构“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Eight basic structures of sentences。以下是关于句子的八大基本结构的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Eight basic structures of sentences

1、Chapter Four is on the sentential devices in the rhetoric of legal English. 本章述及诸多关涉法律英语句子结构的最常见手法。

2、Generally speaking, clauses in a complex sentence have the same structural relationship as sentences in a sentence group. 复句中的分句间和句群中的句子间,在结构关系上总的讲是一致的。

3、An argument is a logical participant in a predication. It is generally identical with the nominal element(s) in a sentence. 论元指的是述谓结构中的逻辑参与者,基本上等同于句子中的名词部分。

4、The construction of the graphs formed by eight-circuit and its secants is obtained. 本文给出了测地图包含八圈时,八圈和它上的割线构成图的结构形式。

5、I am a middle school student. My name is Jerry. 也可以用and连接两个句子,显得句子结构更复杂一些,

6、Mainly on basic grammar, such as nouns, basic sentence structure, pronouns , etc. etc. 主要讲解基本语法知识,如名词,句子基本 结构,代词等。

7、What's the meaning of the word? (这里的mean为什么这样用) mean作为动词在这个句子里面,句子结构类似于what do you do …

8、The ultimate goal of streaming these parameters to a sequence of octets is to produce a basic structure for the exchange of information. 将这些参数转换成八位元序列的根本目的是产生用于信息交换的基本结构。

9、This is done by representing the data in the most elementary of structures -- a byte stream also known as an octet stream. 这是通过用最基本的结构表示数据来完成的,最基本的结构就是字节流,也就是八位元流。

10、The interaction and co restriction of the connotative meanings of words in sentence correspond to the grammatical structure, semantic structure and pragmatic structure of sentences in deep structure. 语句中词的色彩意义的相互影响和制约与句子的句法结构、语义结构和语用结构之间有着某种深层的对应关系。

11、The first clause, ls -A, is a verb and enumerates the contents of the current directory; the second clause, wc -l, is another verb to count lines. 它包含两个句子。 第一个句子 ls -A 是动词结构,列举当前目录下的内容,第二个句子 wc -l 是另一个动词结构,用于计算行数。

12、As a kind of marked negation, metalinguistic negation is usually marked by the double-sentence structure, consisting of a basic negative sentence plus another positive or negative sentence. 元语否定作为一种标记否定,它的标记形式一般为由本句和义句构成的复句结构式。

13、Playing with structures. 玩味句子结构。

14、The next basic structure is the subtype or ROW type. 接下来的一种基本结构是子类型或 ROW 类型。

15、The amino acids are the basic structural units of biomacromolecules such as protein, enzyme. 氨基酸是蛋白质、酶等生物大分子的基本结构单元。

16、Weak buildings will fall down in an earthquake。 英语基本句型3 主谓宾结构:本结构是由主语+及物的谓语动词+宾语构成。

17、Delahunty and Garvey (1994: 207) state that"clauses are basic for several reasons." Delahunty和Garvey(1994: 207)指出:“有几个原因能够说明从句是基本的语法结构。

18、End-focus of the information structure and end-weight of the sentence structure are principles of the sentence orders, both of which stress on the importance of the end of the sentence. 信息结构中的句尾焦点与句法结构中的句尾重心原则都是排列句子顺序的指导原则,都强调句尾位置的重要性。

19、Based on the semantic structure and character, this chapter classify Verb-copying sentence to three main types with seven hypo -types. 根据重动句的语义结构及特点,本文把重动句的语义类别总结为三大类七小类。

20、Many of the command line recipes shown previously in this series and others that you've likely cooked up have this sentence structure. 在本系列文章以及其他文章中展示的许多您可能已经学习过的命令行句式都具有这种句子结构。

21、Finally, by inducing sentence constituents, the syntactic structures are learned. 最后,通过逐步归约句子成分,推导出汉语句法结构树。

22、The genes which determined the structures of certain proteins (peptides) was called as structural genes. 结构基因指决定某种多肽链(蛋白质)或酶分子结构的基因。

23、There are four basic structures for building a TimeSeries. 有四种基本的结构可用于构建 TimeSeries。

24、The whole thing's structurally fine." 句子结构非常完整"

25、While Jianyu pattern in Chinese is one of the clause patterns with distinctive structures, SVOC clause in English belongs to the category of basic clause patterns. 汉语兼语句是一种具有独特结构特点的句式,英语的SVOC句式是英语中的一种基本句型。


26、Octet stability is the term applied to this feature. 八电子稳定结构反映的就是这个特性。

27、In your speech, your basic structures are sufficiently accurate. Meanwhile complex structures are highly recommended to show that you have adequate range of structures and vocabulary. 在你的言谈中,基本结构应非常准确,同时考生应使用一些复合句以表明你对各种结构及词汇的驾驭能力。

28、In the meantime, the fundamental of LNA, with some common structures as well as merits and disadvantages are given. 然后介绍了LNA的基本原理和几种常见的基本结构,并对这几种结构的优缺点作了阐述。

29、In other words, particles such as leptons and quarks have no substructure. 换句话来说,类似轻子和夸克这种没有更进一步结构的粒子。

30、The songs of the Dong people in Liudong feature mixed beats in structure. 其山歌则是由散拍子构成的五句式结构;

31、Non-clause post-positioned attributive is highly representative of English syntactic features, and it is also one of the differences between Chinese and English sentence structure. 非从句类后置定语是英语句子结构中极具代表性的句法特点,也是英汉句法结构区别所在。

32、The causative verbs and their sentence patterns are one of the English basic characteristics. 使役动词及其句型结构是英语的基本特色之一。

33、The texts used in Zhi illustrate a format consisting four sentences with seven Chinese characters each; all the melodies are composed basically of an up-low structure. 其唱词通常是七言四句的格式,所用的曲调则基本上是上下句的结构;

34、The structure of SQL-like nested queries is examined. It is shown that any SQL- like nested query can be decomposed into four basic nested types. 本文分析了SQL类查询语句的基本结构,指出任何一个嵌套结构的SQL类语句都可以由四种基本嵌套类型组成。

35、Can you construe this sentence for me? 你能给我分析一下这个句子的结构吗?

36、Words may be garbled and spoken softly and syntax and grammar may be off. In other-words, his sentences will likely be muddled rather than emphasized. 撒谎者可能用词混淆,声音放轻,句子的结构和语法也会很混乱。换句话说,他的句子乱七八糟,也没有什么要强调的重点。

37、The polydiene basic molecular structure is an excellent fuel . 聚二烯基本分子结构是一良好的燃烧剂。

38、A portmanteau sentence is a sentence which has a hybrid structure from two sentences in different languages. 溶合句是从两种不同语言的句子结构溶合在一起而生成的一种句内语码转换句。

39、We discuss the syntheses, structural pattern and electron counting of six molybdenum-iron mixed metal carbonyl clusters. 本文总结了六种钼—铁混合金属羰基原子簇化合物的合成、结构类型和电子计数。

40、Enumerating sentences of CFL are often needed when testing programs involving complex data structures. 在测试基于复杂数据结构的程序时,需要用到上下文无关语言句子的枚举。

41、Nucleon-nucleon interaction is the foundation of nuclear structure and the basic hadron-hadron interaction. 核子-核子相互作用是核结构的基础,是基本的强子-强子相互作用。

42、Judgement is a kind of sentence form in Ancient Chinese. We must judge whether it is a judgement or not according to its structure character. Not all the sentences of nominal predicate are judgement. 判断句是古代汉语的一种句式,确定一个句子是否是判断句,要根据古代汉语判断句的结构特征和本质特征,古代汉语的名词谓语句并不都是判断句。

43、They haven’t decided where to go next. She stopped teaching English two years ago. 英语基本句型4 双宾语结构:此结构由“主语+及物谓语动词+间接宾语(人)+直接宾语(事物)”组成。

44、Coordination has two structural forms: sentence coordination and phrase coordination. 并列结构有两种构成方式:句子并列和短语并列。

45、Learning a foreign language draws your focus to the mechanics of language: grammar, conjugations, and sentence structure. 学习外语会将你的注意力集中在语言结构本身:语法,词形变化和句子结构。

46、And, I've achieved octet stability in a new way. 这样,我就以一种新方式得到八电子稳定结构。

47、"Zhe NP"is a kind of common structure in our life, it can exist as the form of sentence element , sentence and so on. “这NP”是日常生活中的一种常见结构,它可以以句子成分、句子等多种形式存在。

48、I learned it thoroughly. Thus I got into my bones the essential structures of the ordinary English sentence-which is a noble thing. 我学得很彻底,就这样,普通英语句子的基本结构便深入到我的骨髓里——这是件上好的事。

49、LMWXJ-1 has a typical glutenin structure similar to those of published LMW-GS genes. 序列分析的结果表明LMWXJ-1具有典型的低分子量谷蛋白亚基基因的基本结构。

50、Is my sentence structure varied, or do I use all long or short sentences? 句子结构多样化吗?抑或只是单一的长句或短句?。


51、It is taken granted that all English SVO constructions can be converted into their passive counter-parts, with their basic meaning remaining unchanged. 不少人以为英语“主谓宾”结构都可以转变成被动句,而且语态转换不会改变句子的基本意义。

52、We should cherish the real friendship. 那个结构造不出这个句子。

53、The Chinese language has what is called the bamboo syntactic structure whereas English has the tree syntactic structure. 汉语的句法结构是所谓的竹式结构,而英语的句法结构是树式结构;

54、Ether particles are the units of elementary particles, such as the weight or the light particles, each elementary particles have different internal structures. 以太粒子是基本粒子的构成单元,不管重子还是轻子都是如此,每种基本粒子都有不同的内部结构。

55、A new storage structure, named matrix octree, is given out. 本文提出了一种矩阵式八叉树的存储结构。


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