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关于”爱国的句子“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Patriotic sentences。以下是关于爱国的句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Patriotic sentences

1、I'm determined I would fight for my beloved motherland. 我决心为我热爱的袓国而战。

2、Each country adopts different policy as grounds of recognition or nonrecognition of foreign judgments in the field of recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments. 对于外国判决的承认与执行,各国采用了不同的制度,作为承认或不承认外国判决的依据和执行标准。

3、Love for the motherland, love the party, love the people, love nature, love life, love science, love learning, love of labor. 热爱祖国、热爱党、热爱、热爱自然、热爱生活、热爱科学、热爱学习、热爱劳动。

4、Here's another British lady hoping to score Spider-Man's love. 又一位想获得蜘蛛侠爱情的英国女子。

5、Peter H. L. Chang, as a great patriot, not only practised his patriotic idea but also made much of the education of patriotism. 指出张学良作为一位伟大的爱国者,不仅自己践行其爱国思想,而且高度重视爱国主义教育。

6、Sentence was ped. Edouard was to abandon his art and study law. 判决下来了,爱德华必须放弃他的艺术去学习法律。

7、Du Fu's underground patriotic poems create a special new category of Chinese patriotic poems. 杜甫的地下爱国诗开创了中国地下爱国诗这一特殊诗歌种类。

8、Which country love baseball? 哪国爱棒球?

9、I love my motherland. I love the morning of my motherland. 我爱祖国。我爱祖国的早晨。

10、Love motherland and build motherland! 热爱祖国,建设祖国!

11、My dear motherland. 我亲爱的祖国。

12、Yunxuan just having a strong patriotism, is a well-known patriotic person; 翁云光有一颗强烈的爱国心,是一位知名的爱国人士;

13、On the play patriotic than most of the people We love our motherland. 论起爱国,比起大部分的国人,我们更爱我们的祖国。

14、No matter who you are a patriotic or unpatriotic man, you should definitely will always be will probably consider for own child's health! Rejects the foreign fast-food! ! ! 不管是爱国的中国人,还是爱国意识淡漠的中国人,总肯定是会为自己的孩子的身体健康要考虑的吧!拒绝洋快餐!!!

15、Article 3 Prisoners shall love the motherland, people, collectives, study and labor. 第三条爱祖国,爱,爱集体,爱学习,爱劳动。

16、There's love to God, to Mother, to a child to the country where you were born. 有对上帝的爱,对母亲的爱,对子女的爱,对祖国的爱.。

17、We love our motherland. 我们热爱祖国。

18、In other words, according to Fichte, German patriots should now expose the myth of French universalism. 换句话说,根据费希特,德国爱国者现在应该揭露法国普遍的神话。

19、"I'd call it nearer fifty, " said another patriot. “我认为快接近五万了,”另一位爱国人士插了一句。

20、I also love my homeland and my parents. 我也热爱我的祖国、敬爱我的父母。

21、Put aside for a break up, love is also easier than the decision. 搁下的一句分手,比决定相爱还轻松。

22、I our motherland. And I my family. 我爱祖国,我爱我家。

23、Friendship is a small love, throughout China there are countless love. 友爱是小爱,在中国各地有无数的大爱。

24、Like the eagle love mew love your motherland. 要像鹰爱巢一样爱你的祖国。

25、I love my motherland as much as you love& nbsp;yours. 我爱我的祖国就像你爱你的祖国一样深。


26、Love the family to be patriotic. 爱家的人才能爱国。

27、The reason I serve at EVS is because I love education, I love children and I love China! 我之所以服务东方世纪,是因为我热爱教育事业, 热爱孩子们, 热爱中国!

28、There are only two seasons in the country of love ---- lovely and unlovely. 爱情的国度只有两种季节,可爱、不可爱;

29、Every Chinese loves China. 是中国人都爱中国。

30、I love the motherland is not only a brilliant long-standing love of the motherland's history and culture, but also love the people with lofty ideals of patriotism, heroes. 我爱祖国不仅爱祖国悠久灿烂的历史文化,更爱爱国的志士仁人,英雄豪杰。

31、First, an actor's line of Master Chang in Tea House written by Laoshe, "I love our country, but who loves me?" 第一句,老舍先生的《茶馆》里常四爷的一句台词:“我爱咱们的国,可谁爱我啊?”

32、I do not modest to say that I am very patriotic, especially love my motherland - China. 我不谦虚地说,我很爱国,特别爱我的祖国——中国。

33、The author holds Confucious put forward "land under heaven" outlook, resulting in the formation of ancient patr ioticideololgy; 本文认为孔子提出的“天下”观,解决了古代爱国主义思想的外在形式;

34、Edward the Longshanks, King of England. 英国国王,长腿爱德华。

35、His patriotism is the source of Chinese patriotism, moving bookman and scholar of all times. 他的爱国精神是中华民族爱国主义的源头,打动了历代文人士子。

36、He likes English mus but she prefers French muss. 他爱吃英国的芥末酱,而她却爱吃法国芥末酱。

37、It is suggested in our criminal sentences some new kinds like sentence of exemption from prosecution and sentence of rejecting . 建议在我国刑事判决中,应增加包括免诉判决、驳回起诉判决等几种新的判决形式。

38、Love is a lightweight thaudio-videoailable on never dims. 爱是一盏永不昏暗的明灯。关于爱情幸福的句子。

39、Chinese courts should fill the gaps in enforcing the foreign judgments with a positive and flexible attitude as soon as possible. 中国法院在面对外国民商事判决时也应秉持积极、灵活的态度,尽快填补外国判决在中国执行的空白。

40、For even if I cannot bear playing second fiddle patriotic ashes, and I am also patriotic. 平生爱国不甘后人,即使把我烧成灰,我也是爱国的。

41、I love china! 我爱祖国!

42、OTTAWA (Reuters) - "O Canada," the country's national anthem, has included the line, "True patriot love in all thy sons' command," for nearly 100 years. 路透渥太华xx月xx日电--加拿大国歌拥有近百年历史。 里面有这麽一句歌词:“True patriot love in all thy sons' command”(你的儿子,忠诚爱国)。

43、I love china, I love my wife who is at home better. Do you and your wife work in the same place. 我爱我们的中国,更爱在家的妻子,你是和你爱人在一起工作吗?

44、The Chinese people cherish peace and resolutely oppose to war. 中国非常热爱和平,坚决反对战争。

45、Be it hereby proclaimed: Ever since the Lukouchiao Incident, all our patriotic countrymen have been firmly waging the War of Resistance. 为布告事:自卢沟桥事变以来,我全国爱国同胞,坚决抗战。

46、In other words, if a man loves his country, he must love the national flag. 换句话说,假如一小我私纪猱国,他必需爱国旗。

47、Patriotism cultivates the moderns to love their motherland, love the people, and dedicate to their country; 爱国主义精神培养现代人爱祖国、爱、为国争光的献身精神;

48、I fell in love wth the kind people, the beautiful culture, and of course the great food. 我爱上了中国,爱上了中国文化,当然还有中国美食。

49、I love my country. 我爱祖国。

50、是中国人都爱中国。 Every Chinese loves China.


51、Markets are neither patriotic nor unpatriotic and they never lie. 市场既不会爱国,也不会不爱国,而且它们从不撒谎。

52、This week, our school will have many patriotic activities, such as " I love my motherland" poster competition and patriotic poem recitation. 在本周,学校将要开展一系列的爱国主义活动,例如《我爱祖国》小画报评比、黑板报评比,还有爱国诗朗诵等等。

53、Yet another [Charles Grley of Iowa] asked whether [judges should] ever look to foreign laws for good ideas or get inspiration for their decisions from foreign law, she said. “另一位爱荷华州的查尔斯.格拉斯利问到,‘法官是否本来就应当看看外国法有没有好的规定’,或者‘从外国法中获得作出判决的灵感’”。

54、To love you like the eagle nest like the motherland. 要像鹰爱巢一样爱你的祖国。

55、Children honor their parents, the students will love, love the teacher, love people, love of community, love of the motherland. 孩子孝敬父母,才会爱同学,爱老师,爱,爱社会,爱祖国。

56、I hate patriotism. 我恨爱国主义。

57、So I named myself Ai Long ( Love China). 所以我给自己起名字“爱龙”(爱中国)。

58、Then OK, folks are eager to buy a house and they want to be patriotic, but they haven't enough money for being patriotic. 好吧,老百姓很想买房子,也很想爱国,但是,手里没有足够买房子的钱,你让他们怎么爱国?

59、A person as long as love their motherland, have a patriotic heart, what can solve the problem. What pain, what injustice can stand. 一个人只要热爱自己的祖国,有一颗爱国之心,就什么事情都能解决了。什么苦楚,什么冤屈都受得了。

60、British court ruled that a British couple must demolish their home in northern Cyprus, in line with a European Court ruling upholding a Greek-Cypriot claim. 一英国法庭判决一英国夫妇必须拆除他们在北塞浦路斯的房子,该判决与欧洲法庭支持希腊-塞浦路斯的声明保持一致。

61、The title of our speech is love our country, love our school, from you and me. 今天国旗下讲话的题目是:爱国爱校,从你、我做起。

62、慈爱 a mother's love for her children 母亲对孩子的爱 love of your country 对祖国的热爱

63、Son, :Over twenty years I taught you to love this country, :But God tell me how! 我的儿:我xx年教你爱国,:这国如何爱得!

64、I will be faithful in love! 我发誓将对所爱至死不渝!经典句子!

65、Love is a light weight that just never dims. 爱是一盏永不昏暗的明灯。句子。

66、He was a patriot, but not a nationalist. 他是个爱国者,却非民族主义分子。

67、I love Beijing, I love the Olympic Games, I love my motherland. 我爱北京,我爱奥运,我爱祖国妈妈。

68、I love china so much. 我爱爱爱爱死中国。

69、And forget about getting a foreign court judgment against a Chinese company enforced in a local court. 更别想当被强制在地方级法院判决的时候能得到不利于中国公司的外国法院的判决。

70、Money, of course, but the Chinese saying goes: Gentlemen love fortune, in a proper way! 有钱当然好,不过中国有句俗语:君子爱财,取之有道!

71、He remained a fanatically Russian patriot, the father of his people. 彼得是一个狂热的爱国者,他爱民如子

72、Orioles love flowers, love the motherland. 莺爱花圃,人爱祖国。

73、In love of home, the love of country has its rise. 爱国之情产生了爱家之情。

74、Ji Xiangloves hot pot more then Pizza. 小吉爱吃比萨,但更爱吃咱中国的火锅。

75、He loved his dog, loved his comrades, loved the French, loved Pierre, who was his neighbour. 他爱他的狗,爱难友,爱法国兵,爱他的邻人皮埃尔;

英文句子模板76:Patriotic sentences

76、Those men of Lexington and Concord were among our first patriots. 这批从列克星敦和康科德出发的男子是我国的爱国先驱。

77、We will anger into Bao Guo Zhi, patriotism into patriotic line. 我们将愤怒之情化为报国志,将爱国心化为爱国行。


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