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关于”介绍学校的句子“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Sentences introducing the school。以下是关于介绍学校的句子的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences introducing the school

1、Mr. President, thank you for your gracious introduction. 校长先生,谢谢你的亲切介绍。

2、The sea sends to read the school president the introduction say, equal part of problem children can't enter the work to read the school currently. 海淀寄读学校肖校长介绍说,目前相当一部分问题孩子无法进入工读学校。

3、Today, I will introduce you my school, my school is a beautiful school. It is near the sea and the road around the Xiamen Island. 今天,我向你介绍我的学校,我的学校很漂亮,它靠近大海和环岛路。

4、At the buddy club, older students talk to new students about school life. 在好友俱乐部里,大一点的学生向新生介绍校园生活。

5、Distinguished guests, friends, ladies and gentlemen 各位来宾、各位朋友,同学们,请让我自我介绍一下,我是杨玉良,复旦大学的校长。

6、Show Wang Wei' s new school to your friends in English. 用英文向你的朋友介绍一下王卫的新学校。

7、My school is famous for the famous teachers.我的学校以名教师出名。

8、Brief introduction of the school: Please include details of the school's history, when it was founded, number of students by grade, etc. 学校简介:请介绍学校历史、成立时间、各年级学生数等等。

9、Earlier this year we reported on Oxford University, one of the world's "sacred citadels " of learning. This issue follows up with an article on Oxford's sister institution, Cambridge. 今年xx月号,光华曾经介绍有学术「圣城」之称的英国牛津大学,本期将继续介绍牛津的姊妹校——剑桥。

10、It's also a place that teach me precious values. 。 这也是一个教我珍贵的价值观的地方。

11、Yesterday, I watched a play at our school theater. It was very interesting. 例文中作者介绍了在学校观看的一场戏剧表演。

12、In charter3 , at first it is showed some causes of long-wavelength statics , introduced theory of long-wavelength statics and introduced method of correction. 第三章首先介绍了引起长波长静校正的原因,说明了进行长波长静校正的原理,最后介绍了长波长静校正的方法。

13、It can shrink when you need to be concise. One vivid sentence might do: "The favorite science project was a complete failure." 介绍部分让读者知道你文章的主题,如果你需要可以非常简练,一个生动的句子就足以完成介绍的工作,如“我喜欢那个科学项目是一个彻底的失败”

14、Fabrication and research of calibration samples for boron ion implantation into silicon are discussed. 本文主要介绍了硅中硼离子注入校准样品的制备与研究。

15、Could you introduce some fashion schools in the UK? 你可以介绍一下英国的一些时装学校吗?

16、We live a very happy life here. 我们在这里过着幸福的生活。

17、Kazutaka Nagao introducing ESL clmates and teachers by ta… 长尾一誉 用手机介绍语言学校的同学老师们。

18、My school is a place I will remember forever.我的学校是一个地方我会永远记得。

19、Modern Syntax by Professor Mei Deming is a book which gives a comprehensive introduction to the syntactic theory of formal linguistics. 梅德明教授的《现代句法学》是一本全面系统地介绍形式语言学句法理论的著作。

20、Experience keeps a dear school, just fools learn in no other. 经验学校学费高,愚人旁处学不到。其实句子。

21、In the second chapter, we present the experimental and theoretical study of cavity quantum electrodynamics and its recent development. 第二章介绍了腔量子电动力学的实验研究与进展,并简单介绍了腔量子电动力学的发展前景。

22、The official said Ekoda was already serving more lunches than most other schools. 这位官员介绍,其实,立荏子田小学为学生提供的午餐数量比其它大多数学校都要多。

23、This report focuses on observations of student behaviour during school bus rides. 本报告重点介绍观察乘坐校车的学生的行为后的发现。

24、The students show their own stationary in the group and introduce it. 开展小组活动,让学生拿着自己的学习用品作介绍,把词与句整合起来,进行说话训练。

25、Les Ebdon, vice-chancellor of Bedfordshire, said his university was running extra induction weeks in antition of international students being delayed. 贝德福德大学副校长莱斯•艾伯顿说预计留学生报到延后,该校准备增加介绍周。


26、A method of how to teaching 'enterprise-culture' in High-school is discussed. This article has enriched the meaning of practice-teaching of High-school greatly. 介绍了一种高校“企业文化”教学的方法,丰富了高校实践教学的内涵。

27、Firstly, we introduce the background of single-electron device the single-electron basic phenomenon, the orthodox theory. 本论文首先介绍了单电子器件的出现背景,介绍了单电子学的正统理论。

28、Chapter Three implements task-based language teaching in English reading teaching. 第三章介绍任务型教学方法在职业学校的应用。

29、It's also a place that teach me precious values. 。 这也是一个教我珍贵的价值观的地方。

30、I can introduce you to a place for rent near your school. 我可以介绍学校附近一处公寓给你。

31、Here is how schools and parents can encourage this vital skill in children. 本文将介绍一下学校和家长如何才能鼓励孩子这一直关重要的能力。

32、According to him, they were from Harbin University, Harbin Normal University and other colleges and universities, college students, each other not too familiar. 据他介绍,他们是来自哈尔滨华德学院、哈尔滨师范大学等高校的在校大学生,彼此间并不太认识。

33、This article discusses how to realize the function of with ASP electronic books reading in schools. 介绍利用ASP技术,实现学校图书电子阅览设计方法。

34、Using nouns to identify different places in a school. 四人一组,分别介绍学校的一个地方,然后合并。

35、During my freshman year, I attended the introductory meeting for a campus literary magazine. 大一时,我去参加一份校园文学杂志的介绍会。

36、The decoherence in quantum mechanics is studied. 介绍了量子力学的退相干理论。

37、Danmou children want choice, he has asked the county to focus on the relationship between introduced in secondary schools; 石某孩子想择校,他托关系介绍到县重点中学;

38、This article introduces processing of plasma chemistry and application of sputter coating and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition in powder metallurgy especially. 介绍了等离子体化学工艺,特别着重介绍了溅射镀膜与等离子体化学气相沉积在粉末冶金中的应用。

39、The captains write a short pages(about 5 to 6 sentences) to introduce the festivals. other students send E-card to foreign friends. 组长组织一段介绍节日的短文,5到6个句子,其他同学给外国朋友发送电子贺卡。

40、Could you tell us about one of the famous alumni from your school? 你能给我们介绍一位你们学校有名的校友吗?

41、Vice-Chancellor Ghauth Jasmon introduced the educational philosophy and Chinese language teaching of the university. 马来亚大学校长高斯介绍了该校办学理念及与中国开展语言文化教学交流的情况。

42、Upperclmen and the college itself will organize events to introduce you and your peers to each other and the new college environment. 高年级学长们和学校都会组织各种活动,介绍你和同学们相互认识,熟悉新校园环境。

43、Prinl Madhulika Sen introduced the school’s philosophy and exchange activities with Shanghai Jinyuan Middle School. 马德胡丽卡·森校长介绍了办学理念以及该校与上海晋元中学开展交流的情况。

44、Please allow me to tell you a little about myself and my vision for CIEP. 请先允许我简单地介绍我自己及我对学校未来的展望。

45、Allow me to introduce our prinl, Mr. Zhang.请允许我介绍我们的校长,张先生。

46、But what if we unify our knowledge and practice in our English school-based curriculum? 第二部分介绍笔者所在学校英语校本课程开发利用的背景。

47、In my school, there are many pretty girls.在我的学校,那里有很多漂亮的女孩

48、I was introduced to the new headmistress yesterday . 昨天我被介绍给新来的女校长。

49、Could you describe famous alumni from here? 你能向我们介绍一个著名的校友吗?

50、We live a very happy life here.                我们在这里过着幸福的生活。


51、Welcome to the student-created video tour of the University of Cincinnati. 欢迎您浏览辛辛那提大学主校园的视频介绍。

52、Second chapters have introduced that Changchun infant normal school's education characteristic and the status of music education in infant normal school. 第二章介绍了幼儿师范学校的教育特点及音乐教育在幼儿师范学校的地位。

53、Now I would like to introduce our net-school to you. 现在,我很荣幸向大家介绍我们的网络学校。


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