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关于”新年的句子“的英语句子2个,句子主体:New year's sentence。以下是关于新年的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:New year's sentence

1、Membership lasts one year and need to be renewed every year; 会员资格有效期xx年,须按年更新;

2、i only want you for christmas. 我期待着新年过后,

3、The year of the Rat is starting with a bang . The Chinese New Year begins today. In Beijing, that calls for a night of fireworks, dancing and partying. 鼠年随着新年的钟声如期而至。中国的新年今天开始。在北京,人们今晚载歌载舞,欢庆新年。

4、According to the 1996 Criminal Procedure Law, audiovisuals is a new kind of proof. 视听资料是我国xx年《刑事诉讼法》新规定的一种证据形式。

5、If the cirtances are serious, the offender shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years or life imprisonment. 情节严重的,处xx年以上有期徒刑或者无期徒刑。

6、Happy new year, Mary! 新年好呀! 新年好呀!

7、If the cirtances are serious, the offender shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years and not more than ten years. 情节严重的,处xx年以上xx年以下有期徒刑; 情节特别严重的,处xx年以上有期徒刑、无期徒刑或者死刑。

8、Any serviceman who, after surrendering to the enemy, works for enemy shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years, life imprisonment or death. 投降后为敌人效劳的,处xx年以上有期徒刑、无期徒刑或者死刑。

9、The VOM for juvenile delinquency is an important part of contemporary juvenile justice, and a new measure to deal with juvenile delinquency which becomes more and more serious. 未成年人案件刑事和解制度是当代未成年人刑事司法的重要组成部分,也是应对日益严重的未成年人犯罪问题的一项新的举措。

10、"Confucius" is set to release during Spring Festival in China and Southeast Asian countries. 《孔子》将于明年中国农历新年期间在中国和东南亚地区上映。

11、It has been three years for the criminal investigation reform. Many new cases and problems arose during the time. 刑侦改革已经进行了xx年多时间,其间出现了不少新情况、新问题。

12、In sentencing the four men to terms of seven to 14 years on March 29, the judge made no reference to any new guidelines. xx月xx日,法官判处四人xx年到xx年不等的有期徒刑,审判中没有提及任何新的指导原则。

13、General word is that this year was one of the better years in the past decade. 一句话以概之,今年是以往xx年中酿造新酒最好的年份。

14、I want you stuffed in my stocking. 我期待着新年过后,再上您的课。

15、The main convict was sentenced to three years and three months in jail while the other was to spend two years behind the bars. 本案的主要嫌疑人已被判处有期徒刑xx年加三个月,其同伙被判处有期徒刑两年。

16、The four fexpert jail terms of more than five years for enticery- in addition to the maximum penwoulsterninsideivey for industriwouls espionage is seven years. 这四人的纳贿行为将面临至多xx年的刑期,而商业奸细罪的最高刑期可达xx年。

17、ZIP-latest hefty almanac algorithm, the newly hefty almanac weeks-speed algorithm C implementation (hotpower). 最新的万年历算法,新编万年历星期速算法C语言的实现(hotpower)。

18、With the promulgation of the new criminal law in 1997, the criminal law of our country progresses to a new stage. 我国xx年新刑法的颁布,标志着我国的刑事实体法又上了一个新的台阶。

19、He sentenced Roger to three years on one charge and two years on the other, and suspended the three-year sentence because of his cooperation. 他判处罗杰为一项罪行服刑xx年,为另一项罪行服刑两年,由于罗杰比较合作,有xx年的刑期被暂缓执行。

20、According to Russian law, the current five year sentence he is serving must be subtracted. 按照俄罗斯的法律,他现在所服的xx年刑期将不会和新的刑罚累加。

21、a brand new year 全新的xx年, 就可以了, 外语不太习惯用太花俏的词语 一定要说可以说成 a brand new year with fresh atmosphere

22、①June first in 2017(xx年的xx月xx日) ②The date of the Children in 2017(xx年儿童节的日期)

23、We rented a small house in Newtown for a year. 我们在新街租了一幢小房子,租期为xx年。

24、Now, criminals will serve longer sentences – the draft amendment proposes that the maximum fixed-term sentence be raised from 20 to 25 years. 如今,这类经济罪犯将被处以更长期的徒刑——修正案草案将最长刑期从xx年增加到xx年。

25、The maximum penalty for industrial espionage is 7 years. 商业间谍罪的最高刑期可达xx年。


26、Wver colludes with the enemy and fabricates rumours to mislead others and undermines army morale shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years or life imprisonment. 情节严重的,处xx年以上xx年以下有期徒刑。勾结敌人造谣惑众,动摇军心的,处xx年以上有期徒刑或者无期徒刑;

27、The 3 and 1/2-year jail term of Huang's wife, Du Juan, was reduced to 3 years with a 3-year reprieve. 黄光裕被判xx年的判决维持不变;其妻子杜鹃由一审有期徒刑xx年6个月改为有期徒刑xx年缓刑xx年。

28、Lish:A celebration of the previous year and the year to look forward to. The new start, new challenges. 丽斯:庆祝过去的xx年,期待即将到来的xx年。意味着新的开始、新的挑战。

29、His sentence has been suspended for two years and, if Tenzin Delek does not violate the terms of the suspension, will be commuted to life in prison. 他的死刑已给予两年的死缓期,如果他在两年中,不违反任何缓刑的条规,他的死刑将减为无期徒刑。

30、Among these, the author takes ternary, that is to say, using the death penalty in two-year reprieve, life imprisonment and long-term imprisonment to replace the death penalty. 笔者采取的是三元说,即以死刑缓期xx年执行、无期徒刑、长期有期徒刑三者作为死刑的替代措施。

31、i wish you a happy and happy family reunion in the spring festival. 新的xx年,新的起点,新的祝福,新的期盼!

32、His wife was sentenced to 11-years in prison. 陈炳锡的妻子被判处有期徒刑xx年。

33、A "new year", plus a "thank you", Huo Da cried. 一句“新年好”,外加一句“谢谢”,霍达哭了。

34、At the beginning of the New Year, vientiane update, we ushered in the new semester! 新年伊始,万象更新,我们又迎来了新的学期!

35、Sentenced to four years in jail, Li won release last December approximately a year early. 李俊被判xx年有期徒刑,去年xx月提前xx年左右获释。

36、His punishment was commuted from life imprisonment to twenty-five years' imprisonment. 他的无期徒刑减轻为xx年徒刑。

37、The four face jail terms of at least five years for bribery, and the maximum penalty for industrial espionage is seven years. 这四人的受贿行为将面临至少xx年的刑期,而商业间谍罪的最高刑期可达xx年。

38、Both women were sentenced to prison — Courjault for eight years and Lesage for 15. 这两个人都被判处有期徒刑:Courjaultxx年、 Lesagexx年。

39、20 years, when the maximum punishment prescribed is life imprisonment or death penalty. 法定最高刑为无期徒刑、死刑的,经过xx年。

40、15 years, when the maximum punishment prescribed is fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years; and 法定最高刑为xx年以上有期徒刑的,经过xx年;

41、Early-stage startups are having a much tougher go of it, with 17% fewer raising venture capital during the first three quarters of 2011 than during the same period in 2010. 初期新创企业的日子则要难熬得多,xx年前三个季度,获得风投的新创医药企业的数量比去年同期减少了17%。

42、Last month the woman got 60 days behind bars, 3 years probation for her McNugget meltdown. 上月,这名女子被判60天的有期徒刑,因自身原因缓期xx年执行。

43、Dumplings are an indispensable food for northerners during their New Year's celebration. 在庆新年期间,饺子是北方人必不可少的食物。

44、In Feb. 2009, former Shanghai official Kang Huijun and his wife, Wang Xiaoqin, got life and five years respectively for taking bribes. Pray for them to seek the Lord. xx年xx月,上海市前官员康慧军和妻子王孝琴因收受贿赂各被判处无期徒刑和xx年有期徒刑。

45、I want you stuffed in my stocking. 我期待着新年过后,再上您的课。

46、The judge sentenced the man to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 19-1/2 years. 法官判处该男子终生监禁 刑期不低于xx年半.

47、When Chu Kin was commuted to prison after 17 years. 褚时健被判后减刑为有期徒刑xx年。

48、Knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison; Sollecito to 25. 诺克斯被判xx年有期徒刑,索勒西脱被判xx年有期徒刑。

49、Australian Stern Hu was sentenced to five years in jail for illegally obtaining commercial secrets and seven years for taking bribes, for a total sentence of 10 years plus fines. 澳大利亚籍公民胡士泰(Stern Hu)因非法获取商业秘密被判处xx年有期徒刑,因收受贿赂被判处xx年有期徒刑,两罪并罚一共为有期徒刑xx年,另外再处以罚金。

50、Fecteau had served 19 years and 14 days of his 20year sentence. 费克图在狱中服了xx年零14天的刑,而他的刑期是xx年。


51、The crime of embezzling funds is newly added to the Penal Code in 1997. xx年刑法新增加了挪用资金罪的罪名。

52、10 years, when the maximum punishment prescribed is fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years but less than 10 years; 法定最高刑为xx年以上不满xx年有期徒刑的,经过xx年;

53、The probation period for suspension of fixed-term imprisonment shall be not less than the term originally decided but not more than five years, however, it may not be less than one year. 有期徒刑的缓刑考验期限为原判刑期以上xx年以下,但是不能少于xx年。

54、New Year, Happy New Year, New Year's blessing ultimately. 新年到,新年好,新年祝福少不了。

55、In other words, most people buy a new house every so many years, each time incurring a new 30-year loan to pay off the previous one. 换句话说,大多数人每隔几年就买所新房子,每次都用一份新的xx年期的贷款偿还上一笔的贷款。 好评(0)


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