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1、Mr. Bradbury continues to write nearly everyday.


2、But they should not hinder the user from continuing.


3、I will continue my future, although ordinary, but try flash look.


4、He continued writing for the pulps, but he had larger ambitions.


5、His firm was losing money and had lost its office lease.


6、Stand up. Lie down. Stand up. Sit down and write.


7、I have also written several radio and television serials.

8、因为我要继续写爱你的理由 because i will continue to write the reasons of loving you


9、Time is still writing on the book of history, and years also coagulates memory.


10、" The first video" everybody loves Let mammy" in a popular online, " netizens ask a sequel, I will continue to write.


11、And yet, the writing life continues to capture its victims.


12、EXAMPLE: Since he was quite busy as a high school teacher and the father of two young children, the novelist wrote his first book by fits and starts.


13、I'm going to go ahead and change to this Looks pallet over here.


14、If your forms are filled out correctly, then you can proceed to enrolling in the university.


15、But he continued writing his twice-weekly syndicated column.


16、How were you selected to write the first-ever authorized sequel to Peter Pan?


17、C. If the cause of death is written within 40 seconds of writing the person's name, it will happen.


18、Just be surgical, give me the answer and move on.


19、Are they to you can break through ego or add to write romance?


20、Well I'd better get on the road. I'll write again further on.

21、So let's go ahead and write a slightly more interesting program.好,我们继续,写一个颇为有趣的,程序。

22、The book, she continued, had changed how she viewed mental illness.她继续写下她对书中心理疾病的认识。

23、As an Italian fans, I hope she can write brilliancy in 2010!作为一个意大利球迷,我希望她能在2010 续写辉煌!

24、Everyone sees smile perhaps and all here:Isn't a pen, only several business sons of hair money, can't write perhaps can break to write continuously and continuously, having another difficult.大家看到这里也许都笑了:不就是一支笔嘛,区区几毛钱的事儿,不能写或者只能断断续续地写,多费劲啊。

25、Balzac failures never faltered his drive to continue to write novels and novelettes .他屡屡失败,但从未放弃过继续写小说的念头。

英文句子26:,26、So he begins every line with a capital letter, and keeps on writing prose.于是他在每一行开头用了大写字母以后,却继续照着他的散文写法不误。

27、Many participants commented that they felt awkward having to skip from left to right to fill in both fields for eBay, and then continue filling in the rest of the form (in vertical direction).许多参与者认为这样很笨拙,需要从左到右的填写两个部分,然后继续在垂直方向上继续填写。

28、Young said he hopes Blondie can continue for many more years.扬说,他希望勃朗黛的故事还能继续发展下去,再写许多年。

29、I shouted to him but he just keep on writing.我向他喊话,可是他一直继续写字。

30、It was a follow-up on something I had written before.这是我以前已写过的题材的续篇。

31、The day is continuing which cannot finish, I in hoped each continues all has you.日子是写不完的续。我希望每一节续里都有一个你。

32、It takes Frost a little sweep to get going.弗罗斯特花了很长时间继续写下去。

33、Jot them quickly, move into another space, jot some more down, move to another blank, and just keep moving around and jotting.快写,转到其它位置,写下更多的概念和术语,继续到其它空白之处,写下你意识到的术语。

34、The sketch book is part of me, a on-going diary.速写本是我的一部分,一个持续的日记。

35、Warren Buffet, the world's newest octogenarian billionaire, says he plans to work past 100.沃伦·巴菲特,这位最近年过八旬的亿万富翁,向外界表示,他将打算人过百岁后,继续奋战股海,续写神话。

36、Enterprise applications will continue to be written without the use of frameworks.即使不使用框架,也可以继续编写企业应用程序。

37、And if not, sleep on it, think about it for a while and then keep going.如果实在写不出来,就睡一觉,第二天再决定。仔细想一想后继续写。

38、Keep writing. Keep doing it and doing it. Even in the moments when it's so hurtful to think about writing.继续写。继续做再做。甚至当想到写作都充满痛苦的时刻。

39、"The ongoing reduction in the total number of benefit recipients is consistent with continued hiring," wrote economists at Goldman Sachs."请领失业金总人数继续下降与雇佣持续势头相符,"高盛分析师写道.

40、Leave it in your test suite and write another test.把它放在您的测试套件中,继续编写其他的测试。

41、After the banquet and the concert, he would work on his report.(参加)宴会和(出席)音乐会之后他会继续写报告。

42、She continued writing other popular books for young people.她继续为青少年编写的通俗读物。

43、She waved to me and went on writing her letter.她冲我挥挥手,然后继续写她的信。

44、Well played! Keep re-writing records for yourself and India. Congrats!打得好!继续为自己也为印度重写记录。

45、Write out a renewal of your vows and place them in your home.写出你们结婚誓言的续篇,放于家中,(刻在心里) 。

46、She continued “I smile behind his back for a long moment.她继续写到,“我面带微笑,在他身后伫立良久。

47、After breakfast he went on with his serial.早饭之后他继续写他的连载故事。

48、Don’t worry though. I will keep blogging and sharing my experiences.但是不要担心,我会继续写博客,分享我的经验的。

49、BuildXSD is the abstract method that must be overriden in each concrete descendent.BuildXSD 是必须在每个具体后续类中重写的抽象方法。

50、Write well, pare chrysalis reel off raw silk from cocoons, expect sequel Write very carefully, suffer taught.写得不错,剥茧抽丝,期待后续写得很仔细,受教了。

经典英文句子51:续写,51、Put questions and answers in successive, separate lines of the first page.把问题和答案连续的写在第一页的不同行里。

52、In a write-through cache, the data is written to the cache and to the disk before returning to the writing process to continue.在 write-through cache 模式下,在返回到写入流程并继续之前,数据将写入到缓存然后再写到磁盘。

53、The rusty signature in memory, has been unable to match.生锈的肀铧签名在回忆往事,已无力续写。

54、How do we fill out this disembarkation form?这份离船手续表格要怎么填写?

55、More screens continue to swell the volume of reading and writing.更多的屏幕正随着阅读与书写的增加而持续扩张。

56、She hoped that the teachers and students of St. George's V. A. School would carry on Hogg's spirit and continue to write a new chapter in the China-UK friendship.她希望圣乔治中学的师生们继续发扬何克精神,续写中英友谊新篇章。

57、Students and experts continue to study and write about her work.学生们和专家们继续学习和撰写她的作品。

58、While they continue quarreling , jump to Jack in close-up .在他们继续争吵时,把画面转为杰克的特写镜头。

59、I've got it. Now, can I continue my homework?明白啦。现在,我可以继续写作业吗?

60、He wrote that one of his goals is "to revive the Chinese nation and resume the heyday of the Han and Tang dynasties".他曾写下自己的人生目标之一是要“中华民族之复兴,续写汉唐之盛世”。

61、The file %1 already exists, do you want to resume or overwrite it?档案%1 已经存在,您是想要续传还是覆写?

62、Just tell yourself that if you write one sentence, then you can stop. Chances are you’ll keep going.告诉你自己你只需要写一句话 然后就可以停止 说不定你就会继续写下去.

63、Is this your grand ending, or are you going to continue your episode?这是你的大团圆结局,或者你还要再继续写下去?

64、There are sequels to Treasure Island, Kim, and even Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit.《金银岛》《吉姆》,甚至是黑格尔的《精神现象学》都被续写了。

65、"Logos He goes on. "But logos," he writes, " "serves to reveal the advantageous and the harmful.也继续写到,主要是为展露出利害关系。

66、He went ahead and wrote up an article, and he started submitting it to journals.他继续深究,并写了一篇文章发给一些期刊杂志。

67、"Provide everything I ever needed. " Janet McHugh next wrote.“请提供一切我需要的。”珍昵特继续写到。

68、A write to a volatile field happens-before every subsequent read of that same volatile对 volatile 字段的写 happens-before同

一 volatile 的每一个后续读

69、Candy: What are you saying? The professor shouldn't write nice things about me?(续上期,下期续) 凯蒂:你说什么?教授不该写一些我的好话吗?

70、I'll carry on with my writing till the bell rings.我要继续写下去直到钟响。

71、I will continue the story of Mandarin glass beads next time…我会继续写关于琉璃朝珠的故事…

72、While in England I began another poem, which I went on with during my journey home, and finished after my return.在英格兰的时候,我开始写另一首诗,在归国途中继续写,一直到回家以后才把它写完。


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