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关于”表示颜色的词语“的英语句子37个,句子主体:Words that represent color。以下是关于表示颜色的词语的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Words that represent color


1、It includes base colors, tables, tooltips, buttons, form elements and more.


2、So, this one is color-coded. Instead of having curves, it has all these colors. But, the effect is the same.


3、The chart indicates status by color, as well as position in the summary bar.


4、You can select a color name from the drop-down list, or you can click the adjacent ellipsis (. ) Button to display the Color Picker dialog box and choose additional colors.


5、The image was displayed on a colour monitor, with various colours representing different rainfall intensities.


6、Color matching calibrates color so that the printed results match the color displayed on the monitor.


7、We can find characteristics and rules about definitions in Chinese and English dictionaries by comparing their definition methods, point of view and contents on basic meaning of color terms.


8、The differently colored areas represent the five Wisdoms of the Buddha in the form of a rainbow.


9、The color word "red" in both Chinese and English has extended cultural connotations which have been widely used by both Chinese and English people.


10、Due to the cultural differences between Chinese and British-American culture, people use different way to express color. Even for the same color, the understanding and the usage are also different.

11、· Blue and white make light blue. 蓝色和白色合在一起就成了浅蓝色。


12、The colour will bear out soon.


13、The Stroop effect is a widely used visual task. The effect is that, when the word of printing color and word meaning in conflict, and the task is named color printing, the response to slow.


14、Comes with chart, instructions and color codes.


15、The colour will bear out soon.


16、Well, waht color is my English book.


17、Defines remapping and shows how to use a color remap table.


18、One way to map the process is to assign different colours to different users and show how much of their contribution remains by the thickness of the line that represents it.


19、Trivia: 'Dumbledore' is an 18th century word for a bumblebee.


20、There are bunches of color terms in the vocabularies of different countries. They all have deep cultural connotations, besides their literal denotations .

21、They also perform poorly on the confusing Stroop test, in which words for various colours are printed in another colour that has to be identified.他们在极具干扰性的Stroop实验中表现不佳,该实验让受试者观看打印颜色与字义不同的词语图案,并说出该图案的打印颜色。

22、淡色的 with a pale colour · Yellow is a light colour,but black is dark. 黄是浅色,黑是深色。

23、In Latin they ganged together two words de cedere forming a word that meant “to go away.”在拉丁语中,人们把拉丁语中的两个词de和cedere结合起来形成了一个词,表示“to go away(离开)”。

24、First, at the stage of character extraction, the approach of color extraction is used for extracting characters when the characters color is as same as background but has difference in brightness.介绍了一个数码管显示数字仪表表盘读数的自动识别系统,在字符提取阶段,采用颜色提取的方法,使得尽管图片的字体颜色与背景颜色相同,但只要亮度不同。

25、While people are used to give out their sense on color by words such as bright, colorful, cold, warm, elegance, and so on.与此同时,人们习惯用如“明亮的”、“五颜六色的”、“冷色调”、“暖色调”、“高雅的”等词汇来描述他们对于颜色的感觉。

英文句子26:,26、The words were in different colors and would appear in one of four quadrants on a screen.这些单词有不同的颜色,它们可能出现在屏幕上四格表中的任意一格。

27、Which of the following phrases refers to the free time after a meal?下面的哪个词语表示茶饭后空闲休息的时间呢?

28、Derivational affix modifies the word lexically which can be divided into prefix, infix and suffix.词缀是一种附加语素,表示词汇意义。可分为前缀、 中缀和后缀。

29、In order to solve this problem, an image retrieval method based on multiple color space was presented: the pixels in the singular regions were expressed by YUV and the others by HSV.在此基础上,提出了基于多颜色空间的图像检索方法,奇异区域的像素点用YUV颜色空间表示,其他像素点用HSV颜色空间表示。

30、VGA Monitor — Greater than 256 colors for optimal display.显卡显示器-大于256为最佳显示颜色。

31、Classified into a special lexical group known as culture-loaded words, color words are rich in cultural connotative meanings.颜色词作为一类特殊的词存在于语言之中,因其富含文化内涵意义和联想意义而又被称为文化负载词。

32、A color display of a day-planner which uses color codes.使用颜色代码的日计划表的颜色显示。

33、Blue is for 500 kV, green – 220 kV.500千伏电线的颜色是蓝色,绿色代表220千伏。

34、A list coloring of G is an assignment of colors to V so that vertex v receives a color from a prescribed list L of colors and adjacent vertices receive distinct colors.的列表着色是指V的一个颜色安排使得每个点从给定的列表L 中得到一个颜色并且使相邻的点染不同的颜色。

35、The study of color terms from linguistic aspect can be traced back to a sociolinguistic hypothesis proposed by Lakoff (1973) on the basis of cognitive study.从语言学的角度来研究颜色词可追溯到莱考夫从认知语言学的角度提出的一个社会语言学的假设。

36、The darkness of the color indicates the ranking: the darkest red marks the lowest value, the darkest blue the highest.颜色的深浅表示不同的等级:最深的红色表示最低水平,最深的蓝色标示最高水平。

37、Attrib. Wearing blue worsted (instead of black silk) stockings; hence, not in full dress, in homely dress. (contemptuous. )限定词。穿著蓝色劣质(非黑色丝质)长袜的;因此,表示衣衫不整、著家居服。(轻蔑用语)

38、Hue: That quality by which we recognize one colour from another and which we denote by name. For example: red, orange, yellow, green…ect.色相: 颜色的特性。它用名字表示,以分辨不同颜色。例如红、橙、绿等。

39、In the human language, the unique charm which the color words and expressions displays, makes one hold in high esteem.在人类语言中,颜色词语表现出的独特魅力,令人刮目相看。

40、The do not show colors linearly.不显示颜色的线性。

41、The colours section is where the colours are set to a functional area of the dashboard.在颜色部分将颜色设置成指示板的功能区。

42、What colour is your English book?你的英语书是什么颜色的?。

43、Certain gem species display distinctive pleochroic color schemes.某些宝石品种显示明显的多色性颜色。

44、These three lights with their respective colors just do positively mean these things.三种颜色的灯和它们各自的颜色,自然的有各自表达的意思。

45、Color panel is the user can check in the color panel, click the left mouse button, select the goal expressed by a point color.面板取色就是用户可以在颜色面板中单击鼠标左键,选取目标点所表示的某种颜色。

46、The next four sections of Listing 清单

5 provide for syntax-based highlighting which causes different markup constructs to appear in different colors in the editor.

5 中接下来的四个部分将提供基于语法的突出显示表示法,在编辑器中,使不同标记构造以不同的颜色来表示。

47、This essay contrasts the different cultural meanings between Chinese and English basic - color terms so as to help use color terms more appropriately and to achieve the goal of communication.通过对汉英两种语言中基本颜色词文化意蕴的对比分析,可以了解到颜色词在汉英民族语言中的文化差异,以避免在跨文化交际中产生语用迁移现象。

48、Relating to or designating corundum that resembles another stone in color.关于或表示在颜色上类似另一块石头的刚玉的。

49、Abstract: Wide color gamut display is a major current trend in display field with richer color and better layering.摘要:高色域显示屏在色域范围上有大幅提升,颜色表现更加丰富,层次感也更好,是目前显示屏发展的一个重要趋势。

50、People who know English color words but ignore their social and cultural connotation will not be able to truly understand these color words.仅仅了解颜色词的概念义而忽视其社会文化意义的人还不能真正理解这些颜色词。

经典英文句子51:表示颜色的词语,51、Chinese basic colors word includes: Red orange yellow malachite green bluish violet.汉语的基本颜色词有: 赤橙黄绿青蓝紫。

52、Different semantic meanings of Chinese and English color words lead to the different comprehensions to their metaphoric meanings.汉语和英语颜色词的不同语义导致不同其比喻的含义。

53、Yet there are some differences in symbolic meaning of colour between English and Chinese, while"colours"can express mood and state of health.在英汉语中颜色词除了能表示颜色的本义之外,还具有许多其它引申的意义,众称“颜”外之意。

54、By adopting codability theory and a synthetic contrastive approach of combining classical Chinese, Mandarin and dialects, this thesis researches basic color terms in Chinese.文章从认知语言学的角度,运用原型理论、隐喻和转喻等理论,分析英汉语言中的基本颜色词“白”。

55、Where before it was two colored pairs now it's two lettered pairs .之前用两种成对的颜色表示,现在是用两对字母GCTA表示

56、Abstract:Colors are abundant in both Chinese and English, such as black, white, red, yellow, green, blue, etc.摘要:英汉两种语言中存在着大量表示颜色的词汇,如黑、白、红、黄、绿、蓝等。

57、However, most conjunctions indicate selective also indicate hypothesis in classical Chinese.但在上古汉语中,绝大部分表示选择关系的关联词同时也表示假设关系。

58、The color coding here is that orange signifies stronger associations than white, which are in turn stronger than blue.这里采用不同的颜色表示关联的强度,橙色比白色强,白色比蓝色强。

59、Fourth chapter mainly reveal the relations between the "international Chinese Teaching Universal curriculum" word, vocabulary content and other goal characters, words (language);第四章主要揭示《国际汉语教学通用课程大纲》的《字表》、《词表》内容与其他目标用字、词(语)之间的关系;

60、So we need to pay attention to the various fields where the color words are widely-used and to help us find the deeper understanding of the social and cultural connotation of them.因此我们需要注意颜色词的使用领域来帮助我们更好地理解颜色词的社会和文化意义。

61、Install a private colormap; might be useful on 8-bit (256 colors) displays.安装私用颜色表;对

8 位(256 色)显示可能有用。

62、Often these more informal words are used for grandfather: granddad; grandpa: and for grandmother: grandma.通常下面这些非正式的词语可以表示祖父、外祖父: granddad; grandpa: 表示祖母、外祖母的是grandma.

63、Due to the peculiarities of Chinese color terms, the establishment of such a database faces a number of difficulties, which in turn provide us with approaches to it.现代汉语颜色词的特殊性 ,使现代汉语颜色词属性库的建设面临了许多难题 ,这些难题同时也为颜色词属性库的拟构提供了路径。

64、The aim is to describe the similarities and differences of cognitive semantic structures about basic color terms.文章用编码度理论和汉外、汉语普方古综合比较的研究模式,讨论汉语的基本颜色词。

65、"It is kind of you to wear that, " said Boq. "Blue is the color of the Munchkins, and white is the witch color.波奎说:“你穿着那种衣服是表示好意的,蓝色是芒奇金人的颜色,白色是女巫的颜色;

66、· She was in a light blue dress. 她穿着浅蓝色的衣服。

67、The pictures show that the occipital areas of the color red, said there are strong metabolism.这个图片显示,枕叶区的颜色最红,表示那里正在进行旺盛的代谢。

68、Chroma is the Greek word for color.hroma在希腊语表示颜色

69、They were colored the same, the backbones were colored the same in the diagram.但颜色是一样的,在示意图这些主链的颜色是一样的

70、Yellow, red and black are the words of my language. Flat and straight lines express the language of the desert.黄红黑是我的颜色语言,平与直则是表现荒漠线的语言。

71、A typical example would be colors used for syntax highlighting with an editor.一个典型示例是用颜色来突出显示编辑器中的语法。

72、What values does he embody? Grayness grayness that suggests the color of a land and a culture, the color of stone, of peasant clothes.体现了什么品质,灰色,灰色暗示了,一种土地和文化的颜色,石头的颜色,农民衣服的颜色。

73、Write the words. Draw and color May.写一些单词。画出梅并为她涂颜色。

74、Relationships between schemas are indicated by color-coded lines connecting associated components.模式之间的关系用连接至关联组件的按颜色分类的线条来表示。

75、HowNet established a way to represent sematic knowledge by describing the relationship between the words, as well as the relationship between the words' properties.知网从描述词语之间的关系以及属性之间的关系入手建立了中文词语语义知识的表示方法。

英文句子模板76:Words that represent color,76、Now a new study says they have the power to move hurricanes too.现在一项新的研表示,海洋的颜色也能转移飓风。

77、Appearance : Powder with light brown color.表现:带浅褐色的颜色的粉末。


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