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关于”复杂的超长句子“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Complex super long sentences。以下是关于复杂的超长句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Complex super long sentences

1、This form has more characters than four- and five-character poetry, and can express more complicated and complete ideas with a longer and slower intonation. 七言诗字数比五言、四言多,一句可以表达比较复杂、完整的意思,声调更加舒缓、悠长。

2、Conversely, surgery is complex, surgery is long recovery time. 反之,手术就复杂,手术后康复时间也就长。

3、Eventually he couldn’t make sense of metaphors, similes, poems, or even complex sentences. 最后,他自然无法理解隐喻、明喻、诗歌甚至复杂的句子。

4、In the text, firstly we make a detailed inspection of the features of the complex-sentence from the syntax, semantics and pragmatics dimensions. 从句法上看,复动补充复句主句谓语形式复杂,补句重复或部分重复主句中的谓语核心动词,再带结构助词“得”后跟补语。

5、Two or more coordinated independent clauses with at least one complex clause make a compound-complex sentence . 一个并列句,如果包含一个或一个以上的复杂句作为并列成分,这便是并列复杂句。

6、Hi ! Guy ! Your question is not easy to answer in several sentences . First , you should know what is attribute , complement. predicative , … 请用几个复杂点地长句子剖析一下此中哪些是定语。补语。表语。状…

7、More complex sentence types featured advanced-level dialogues. 高年级课程中的对话以句子类型更为复杂为特点。

8、This algorithm uses a red-black tree to index those long sentences, and changes the elimination process into a search process. 该算法还利用红黑树对网页的长句进行索引,从而把网页去重过程转换为一个搜索长句的过程,减小了算法的时间复杂度。

9、So any complex sentence just keep them together. 所以任何复杂句都能把他们合在一起。

10、Complexity indicators are mainly the cyclomatic complexity number V(g) and the number of statements in the code. 复杂度指示器主要是圈复杂数V和代码中的声明语句数。

11、Notice that that's a complex sentences there are two sentences within the sentence. 注意这是个复杂句,两句话融为一句。

12、The plutonic complex unit consists of gabbro, mafic cumulate and ultramafic cumulate. There exist complicated magmatic intrusive events in the plutonic complex and sheeted dike complex units. 深成杂岩单元包括辉长岩-镁铁质堆晶岩和超镁铁质堆晶岩,在深成杂岩和席状岩墙群杂岩单元内有复杂的岩浆侵入事件;

13、Fourth, we expand the length of the selected sentences to 35 syllables, being a small discourse relatively speaking, so as to increase the complexity of the prosodic structure. 第四,将被挑选句子的最大长度增加到35字,从某种程度上可以算是一个小篇章,增加韵律结构的复杂度。

14、The chip uses a reconfigurable architecture and very long instruction words(VLIW) to optimize the complex functions. 芯片使用可重构体系结构和超长指令字(VLIW),优化了高复杂度函数。

15、Complexity and lenght of the food chain. 产链过长和过于复杂的问题。

16、Developing knowledge of increasingly complex syntactic structures. 增加逐渐复杂化的句法结构知识。

17、The comprehension consists of a single expression followed by at least one for clause and zero or more for or if clauses. 一个并列句,如果包含一个或一个以上的复杂句作为并列成分,这便是并列复杂句。

18、If you need Band 6 – no need for complex sentence structure. 如果你需要的是6分,没必要写复杂句型。

19、Don't tell me about these complicated sentences from Balzac's short story. 不要给我讲巴尔扎克短篇小说里的这些复杂的句子。

20、There will never be another you. 在这个世界上,你是独一无二的。

21、The expression used in the if statement (and in the elif clause and the while loop discussed later in this article) can be as complex as necessary. if 语句(以及本文后面讨论的 elif 子句和 while 循环)中的表达式可以很复杂。

22、There are various exquisite books in the library. 两种句子,第一个简单一些,第二个用词更复杂一些。

23、Here is a more complicated SELECT statment to calculate and retreive all the batting averages for players in 2004 who had more than 300 at-bats 下面是一个更复杂的 SELECT 语句,该语句用于计算和检索 2004 年上场击球超过 300 次的所有运动员的击球率

24、Now. What's the order of growth here? 这里的增长率是多少,复杂度呢?

25、Fusing these sounds together to form words and sentences is a complex dance. 而把这些声音融合在一起,组成单词和句子,简直就是个复杂的舞蹈。


26、I want you to meet my parents. 我想让你见见我的父母。

27、I can't help falling in love with you. 我无法不爱你。

28、They start using first words, first sentences, first complicated constructions. 他们同时使用第一个词,第一个句子,第一个复杂结构

29、The tectonics of Jiangnan recombination melange belt is very complex resulted from long actuation of Yangtse plate and Cathaysian plate. 江南复合混杂岩带是扬子板块与华夏板块长期活动所致, 构造极为复杂。

30、Simplicity of language demands, in the first place, that the texts should be colloquial rather than literacy; that they should be written in short sentences, not in long and complicated clauses. 语言的简洁首先要求用语通俗,不要艰涩,还要求构句简短,不要使用复杂冗长的从句。

31、The cons include the most tables and outer joins among all strategies and slightly more complex SQL (look at the long CASE clause for Hibernate’s dynamic discriminator). 缺点是在所有策略中它使用的表和表连接最多,SQL语句稍显复杂(看看Hibernate动态鉴别器的长CASE子句)。

32、if possible, demonstrate increasing complexification. 如果可能的话,展现不断增长的复杂性。

33、It was love at first sight. 我对你一见钟情。

34、Green is the color which I like best 以上都是,从简单句到复杂句,自己看着办

35、Thee complex sentence is a complex sentence, it is composed of more than two sentences. 主从复合句即是复杂句,它也是由两个以上的句子构成。

36、Of all clauses in EST, the attributive clause is the most complicated and its translation methods are many and varied. 科技英语中的定语从句是各种从句中最复杂的一种从句,其翻译方法仁者仁见,智者见智。

37、The cons include complex SQL (sub-query in the from clause and union all). 缺点是SQL(from子句和union all子查询)太复杂。

38、Object relative clauses are more complex for Chinese senior students to comprehend than subject relative clauses; 3). 对中国中学生来说,宾语关系从句理解较主语关系从句理解复杂;

39、Short sentences are preferable to long in the presentation of complex information. Listings should be used to break up long passages of prose and to emphasize information. 在复杂信息的表述中短句子比起长句子更可龋列出次序的方式应该得以使用,来打散文章中的长段并强调信息。

40、I think of you night and day. 我时时刻刻都想着你。

41、In central Junggar Basin overpressure was distributed with long evolution history and complicated generating mechanism. 准噶尔盆地腹部超压分布广泛,演化历史长,形成机制复杂。

42、In English, attributive clauses are used extensively, some of which are very long and complicated in structure. 在英语中,定语从句的运用极为广泛,有的从句很长而且结构复杂。

43、The degree of markedness of a sentence reflects its complexity in structure. 句式的标记程度反映它在结构上复杂性。

44、The verb predicate sentence pattern of Huian dialect is quite complicated with its own characteristics. 惠安方言动词谓语句是一种极具特点又相当复杂的句型。

45、Developing knowledge of increasingly complex written syntactic structures. 增加日益复杂的书面句法结构方面的知识。

46、You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. 你是我见到过的最美的女人。

47、As sentences become more complex, this does not work as well. In my second example, the Chinese does not work. 但如果是复杂的句子,这种翻译方法就不起作用了。请看下面的例子,逐字逐句翻译成的汉语就不通顺了。

48、We know that a key difference between superscalar and VLIW lies in the hardware and software complexity respectively. 我们知道,一个关键区别在于超标量和超长指令字中的硬件和软件的复杂性分别。

49、Due to the complicated language use and poorly-defined law, reputation infringement suits are controversial and difficult to handle. 高级语言是利用人类语言中的词和句法的一套相对复杂的语句。

50、Well, it's complex and long. 但事实上,它是既长又复杂难懂。


51、Generally speaking, mixing fonts is like writing long sentences. Don't do it, unless you have full super-genius level control over what you do. 一般来说,混合使用字体就像是写复杂的长句。不要这样做,除非你是能掌控一切的超级天才。

52、Electric submersible pump unit is a complicated rotation machine which has gracile rotation shaft, and its manufacture and installation techniques are complicated. 潜油电泵机组属于具有超细长转轴的复杂旋转机械,生产及安装工艺复杂,需要通过振动分析评估机组的出厂质量状态。


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