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关于”四种时态的结构“的英语句子46个,句子主体:The structure of the four tenses。以下是关于四种时态的结构的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:The structure of the four tenses


1、The result of electron-microscopy investigation indicates that PES copolymer has formed a local order structure during the physical aging.


2、How can you define the future state architecture, and then migrate the current state architecture towards realizing the future state architecture?

Past perfect 现在完成时 (常与 yet, already, for 搭配 )

3、I went to the park yesterday.


4、The prinl content and achievement are concluded as followed:

1. Based on the model tests of four schemes, the flow patterns and discharged capability have been known.



5、Grand Square - the most intense quadrangular configuration.


6、A three-phase four-leg inverter topology for Dynamic Voltage Restorer(DVR) was applied.


7、These two constituents form a eutectoid structure known as pearlite when the steel is cooled slowly enough to reach equilibrium, but by rapid cooling the steel is hardened.


8、A modal testing technique for latticed shell structures is presented.


9、The memristor, a microscopic component that can "remember" electrical states even when turned off.


10、A modal testing method for latticed shell structures was presented.


11、Chinese possible structure includes two kinds, one is possible complement, another is the structure relate to modal verb.


12、In aspect of numerical simulations studies, four force-displacement curves of SDOF structure are designed to simulate undamaged and three different degrees damage models.


13、In addition to the familiar duplex DNA, certain G-rich DNA sequences can fold into a variety of four-stranded structures, which are called G-quadruplexes.


14、Particulate fluidization shows a structure of idealized fluidization of complete geneity.


15、The ecological composite-wall structure with straw mud blocks is a new, ecological and energy-saving village residential building structure with good seismic performance.


16、The result shows that the Tree cl structure replacing the age structure is suitable for studying the structure and dynamics of Castanopsis fargesii population.


17、Then a many shell-state model of the particle-structure is discussed.


18、The structures of diameter cl, crown breadth and height of Tetraena mongolica population were studied. Based on the static life table, the dynamic law of T.


19、The circle queue is a type of dynamic data structure.


20、Based on the energy-absorbing theory, four new kinds of anti-explosion ship structural forms of double bottoms are proposed.

21、To spread out Time Form and Spacial Form respectively, we can know the evolution process of style.对时间与空间形式的分别展开,成为长篇小说文体结构变革的两种姿态。

22、Part One, "Arched Structure and Its Evolution: An Analysis", in three chapters, focuses on this structure's application to different genres and its forms in different historical periods.上篇“对拱形结构形态及演变的分析”共有三章,主要论述拱形结构在各种体裁音乐作品以及各历史时期的体现形态。

23、The structural features of landscape plant community were studied in the Ecological Garden of Kunming World Horticulture Exposition Garden.对昆明世界园艺博览园福建生态园的园林植物群落进行物种结构、水平结构、垂直结构和季相的研究。

24、Results The micro-structural features of the seeds of 结果8种荒漠药用植物种子的微形态结构表现出丰富的多样性。

8 medicinal herbs appeared abundant diversities.

25、The change of social stratum has made the Media Ecologe great changed , and at the same time the great change has promoted the structure's initial formation.社会阶层结构的分化变迁使得媒介生存环境生态、内环境生态和意义环境生态都发生了极大的变迁,而这种变迁又同时促进了社会阶层结构的初步定型化。

英文句子26:,26、Conclusion: Species difference exist in atrioventricular junction among different species of animals.结论:不同种属动物房室交界区形态结构存在种属差异。

27、Changsha dialect is rich in stative adjectives, which are formed with reduplicative elements, with affixed elements, or with four characters.长沙方言的状态形容词比较丰富,有重叠式、附加式和四字格式等多种结构方式。

28、The exhibitions are minerals, wagon construction, blacksmithing , and traditional crafts.展示各种矿物、四轮马车的结构、铁匠及传统的手艺。

29、G- quadruplex is a special structure formed by telomere.四联体是端粒形成的一种特殊的结构。

30、The stable oscillation state is ordered macro structure, that is, the dissipation structure often talked about.这种稳定的振荡状态是宏观有序的结构,也就是我们目前常说的耗散结构。

31、All factors affecting the structure of PCN are introduced.介绍了影响PCN结构形态的各种因素;

32、Past perfect 现在完成时 (常与 yet, already, for 搭配 ) He has already done it .

33、"Flavor" is a kind of structure form of abstract and implying.“气韵”就是一种抽象而有意味的结构形态。

34、Nuclear radiation is the nucleus from an energy state of a structure or a structure into another state or another energy released in the process of micro-particles.核辐射是原子核从一种结构或一种能量状态转变为另一种结构或另一种能量状态过程中所释放出来的微观粒子流。

35、Fourthly, agricultural economic structure has developed from a single grain crop diversification to the overall restructuring of agro-sylvo-pastoral-fish.四是农业经济结构从单一的粮棉油种植业结构向农林牧渔多样化综合结构转型;

36、Numerical solution shows the entanglement density depends on time varying sinusoidally about a cycle-averaged value that is regarded as a consequence of an equivalent steady shear rate.因此,在时均意义上,振动剪切流的时均网络结构状态可等效为稳态剪切流的缠结平衡状态。

37、Its temporal character is derived from the tripartite ontological structure: existence, thrownness, and fallenness by which Dasein's being is described.它的时间性特点来源于三重存在论的结构:生存态,抛置态,沉沦态,通过这三重结构此在的存在得到描述。

38、The changes, which are on the state, structure and culture of contemporary Chinese countryside, break the state of stabilization of Yuangong Village"s settlement pattern."当代中国农村社会形态结构及文化观念的变迁,打破了原公村原有形态结构所保持的一种动态平衡的稳定状态。

39、Network planning to follow the original grid pattern, was "six vertical and four horizontal" dry road network structure.路网规划沿用原方格网形态,呈“四横六纵”干道路网结构。

40、A ring-type and a T-type structure transition states as well as an energy transition state are found in the reaction (I).反应(I)经历了一个四元环过渡态,找到了这个反应的能量过渡态和两个结构过渡态。

41、The most mythical project in his book is his study of a dynamic structure.瓦克斯曼的书中最神秘的一个作品是他所构想的一种动态建筑结构。

42、This method can obtain the more accurate sub-structural displacement and whole structural modes.这种方法比使用“剩余柔度”描述的子结构位移更加精确,且可以获得全结构的模态。

43、At E-15, four layered structures began to appear.时,脑泡壁细胞排列出现四层结构。

44、The size structure and distribution pattern of Picea mongolica population on sand dune and their rerlationship to eco-environment are studied by size structure in place of age structure.本文用种群大小结构代替年龄结构研究了沙地云杉种群的大小结构、分布格局和动态规律。

45、When the field is pure number state initially, the structure of the cavity field spectrum is five peaks for weak field and three peaks for strong field.相干态和压缩真空态时,谱结构与光子数分布有关,一般为复杂的多峰结构。

46、Because of different eco-efficiency structure, four kinds of developing models come into being in China.内容提要 我国各区域现阶段由于不同的生态效率结构形成了四种发展模式。

47、The dynamic loads of engine in tractor-trailer unit are clified into four kinds with frequency structure.拖拉机挂车机组工作时的动态载荷按其频率结构可分成四类。

48、A bionical structure is a structure of combining the morphological spreads with aesthetics.仿生结构是一种以形态展现力与美纵横交错的结构。

49、Derived from the principle of"nature evolution", the Extended-ESO(extended evolutionary structural optimization) is a method of structural morphopoiesis.改进进化论是一种结构形态创构方法。

50、The static charateristics of the a-Si:H TFT in the darkness and under backlight illumination are determined.检测了这种结构TFT在暗态和背光照射下的静态特性。

经典英文句子51:四种时态的结构,51、The structure of humanity is a complicated and changeable course, and is a unity of human property structure and pattern structure of humanity.人性结构是一个复杂的变化着的动态结构,它是人的属性结构和人性的样态结构的统

52、Different from conventional organizations, it manifests dynamic, open, flexible and non-linear characters and is an organizational form far from the trend of balance.作为一种不同于常规组织的组织形态,它在组织结构形式上表现出动态性、开放性、灵活性和非线性的特征,属于一种远离平衡态的组织结构。

53、Such a complex ociation between creatures of four species has the hallmark of an ecologic happy family.四种动物之间这种复杂的结合是生态学幸福家庭的标志。

54、He has already done it .Past perfect 过去完成时



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