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关于”最基础的句型“的英语句子4个,句子主体:The most basic sentence pattern。以下是关于最基础的句型的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:The most basic sentence pattern

1、There are several variations that you can use to change this pattern slightly with basically the same meaning. 通过对句型做一些小的调整,我们可以有几种基本含义一致的变形。

2、Finally, the graph primitives ' representation model of character is formed and character is recognized. 最后在字符识别的多元图基元表示模型基础上实现字符识别。

3、Then the maximum corrosion depth of typicalstructures of a certain type aircraft was estimated. 在此基础上估算了某型飞机典型结构在给定服役时间所对应的最大腐蚀深度。

4、Version 1.0 is RDF-based, but the most recent, version 2.0, is not. 版本 1.0 基于 RDF,但最新的 2.0 版本不以 RDF 为基础。

5、In other words, the Basic Dynamic Load Rating provides a basis of Life Calculations based on the size and type of ball screws. 换句话说,基本额定动载荷提供了一个基于丝杠类型和尺寸来计算寿命的基础。

6、It is a good idea to do sth. It is the second +最高级+名词 初中英语重要句型

7、Data is the most basic element in the TTCN-3 language. We defined data on the basic of data type. 测试活动的执行以数据为基础,数据是TTCN-3语言中最基本的构成元素,它定义在数据类型基础之上。

8、By introducing damage factor into the model of elastic base beam, the non-elastic base beam model based on damage constitutive relation is proposed. 在弹性基础梁模型的基础上,通过引入一损伤因子,提出一类基于损伤本构的基础梁模型,并在一定条件下对该模型进行了求解和对比分析。

9、T he basic aspect sense of "(?)" is progressive aspect. In this chapter, it studied Chinese pattern usage which express the progressive aspect sense. “-(?)”的最基本的体意义是进行体,在本章中考察了表现进行体意义的“-(?)”在汉语中的惯用句型。

10、Other types of shielding can pump at up basic foundation through change and improvement have been. 其它各种类型的屏蔽泵都可以在基本型的基础上,经过变型和改进而得到。

11、The procedure-based handler is best used for result set consumption or "one and done" type SQL statements such as MERGE. 基于语句的 Handler 程序最适合使用结果集或 MERGE 之类的 “一气呵成”型 SQL 语句。

12、The basic English sentence pattern of subject-verb-object can be varied in many ways. 由许多方法可以变换英语“主—动—宾”基本句型。

13、The model is based on least-square method. 模型的基本原理是最小二乘法。

14、Our next pattern is one of my favorites. It's the "I think" pattern. 下面一个是我最喜欢的句型之一,那就是“I think”句型。

15、This course covers about 400 new words, 50 grammar points and sentence patterns. 该课程收集了收入近400个生词,50多个语法点和基本句型。

16、Imperative sentences are an essential sentence pattern in Lao-Qi-Da and Piao-Tong-Shi, two textbooks meant for teaching Chinese to Koreans in the late Yuan and early Ming dynasties. 祈使句是《老乞大》和《朴通事》中的一种基本句类,类型多,分布广,本身又积淀了丰富的历史语言信息。

17、Finally, on the basis of testing, the mathematical model is established. 最后,在试验的基础上,建立了凝缩的数学模型。

18、There are many ways to vary the basic English sentence pattern of subject-verb-object. 由许多方法可以变换英语“主—动—宾”基本句型。

19、This sentence pattern is actually a favorite of psychologists. 事实上,这个句型是心理学家最喜欢用的。

20、Based on limit cycle walking which includes passive dynamic walking, the thesis investigates the theoretical models and robotic applications of dynamic bipedal walking. 首先,在最简动态行走模型基础上增加平脚结构,研究脚结构对最简动态行走模型稳定性的影响。

21、The basic English sentence pattern of subject-verb-object can be varied in many ways . 英语“主-动-宾”基本句型可以用许多方法加以变换。

22、This model is based on the TMB 1300 of the latest development of the models of our factory. TMB1300A自动贴面机为我公司在1300型基础上最新开发的机型。

23、The basic syntax for an include statement that uses an xpointer attribute is 使用 xpointer 属性的 include 语句的最基本语法是

24、I did not (didn’t) watch TV yesterday evening. ☆注意☆ 小结:否定句主要是在肯定句的基础上加上了否定词 “not”。

25、Frequently used practical phrases in everyday life act as warm-ups for students before they dive into the main theme of the current volume. 精选日常生活中最实用的基础短句,让学习者在进入本期主题的内容前先做暖身,迅速掌握本期必学的五个重要关键句。


26、Standing from the relation of the language and perception, simply discuss the pupils' perception foundation, language foundation and means, process , mechanism of the two-sentence generation. 从语言与认知的关系出发,简要讨论了小学生句联生成的认知基础、语言基础以及手段、基本过程和机制。

27、Knowledge-pursuing talents are the basic unit of the correspondent society and they contribute a lot to the construction of learning-oriented society. 学习型人才是学习型社会的基本构成单元,更是构建学习型社会的基础和平台。

28、And there are fixed corresponding relationship between basic semantic structural patterns of sentences and syntax. 这些基干句模与句型之间存在着一定的对应关系。

29、They also listened to sentences about everyday activities, such as ringing doorbells and pushing brooms across the floor. 他们都听过如摁门铃,扫地等一些日常最基本的词汇和句子。

30、The elastic foundation beam is a familiar component in civil engineering and different fundamental equations of which are corresponded to different foundation models. 在弹性基础梁模型的基础上,通过引入一损伤因子,提出一类基于损伤本构的基础梁模型,并在一定条件下对该模型进行了求解和对比分析。

31、In building "a resource-saving and environment-friendly" society, is the most valuable land resources, the most fundamental basis of the material. 在建设“资源节约型、环境友好型”社会中,土地资源是最宝贵、最根本的物质基础。

32、Finally, on this basis, the proper BCH-algebras of pure high-type quasi-commutativity are given. 最后在此基础上给出了纯高型拟可换的真BCH-代数。

33、I like my school, because my school is very beautiful. 写这类作文最好用到There be 句型 最后最好抒发自己对学校的感情,开头开门见山的好

34、Nouns and verbs is the main in notional words and the two words is the most basic terms in human language, and also is the fundamental factor of the composition of the sentence. 实词中名词和动词为主,说明这两种词在人类语言中是最基本的词,也是组成句子的最基本因素。

35、It is benevolent to look after "Sth"(Sb) 这里的Sth可以是事物, Sb可以指人。

36、Learning Chinese Bracketing Knowledge Based on a Bilingual Language Model. 基于双语模型的汉语句法分析知识自动获取。

37、It is counted on the basis of sentence Counts in a paragraph and word counts in a sentence. 相似度的计算以段中的句数、句中的字数为基础。

38、This is probably what you've used most in the past. 这可能是你过去最常用的一种句型了。

39、Then, the general variational method and its numerical algorithm are suggested to solve these optimal control problems of unsteady flows. 在此基础上,阐述了变分法求解这类偏微分方程最优化控制问题的基本原理及模型求解步骤。

40、The individuals of all above genotypes marked by microsatellite were selected to make up foundational breeding stock based on the comprehensive selection index. 在采用综合选择指数选择种兔的基础上,具有以上微卫星标记基因型个体最终组成育种基础群。

41、The genetic model of SLE could be the major gene trait, and major gene mode was the best fitted one. SLE存在多主基因效应、主基因模型拟合最好,支持在多基因基础上符合孟德尔遗传的主基因效应。

42、The three types are format, statement or procedure-based handlers. 这三种类型是基于记录格式、语句和过程的 Handler 程序。

43、The conclusion parameters are identified by the recursive least-square identification algorithm. 在此基础上利用递推最小二乘算法辨识出模型的结论参数。

44、The intonations of other sentence types are materialized on the Fo contours of the sentence-final syllables. 其他句子类型的语调形式主要是透过句末的最后一个音节的基频去表现出来。

45、And on this basis, described the theoretical basis for this article: Industry-diffusion model. 并在此基础上阐述了本文的理论基础:产业扩散模型。

46、In other words, we have to figure out how to best assemble our applications to leverage the technical underpinnings. 换句话说,我们必须找出如何最好地汇集应用程序,以利用技术基础架构。

47、Social hierarchy in calf-cow groups is based on size and age, with the largest and oldest at the top and the smallest and youngest last. 大象的社会等级以体型和年龄为基础,最大最老的大象处于最高层,而最小最年轻的则处于最底层。

48、On the base of 4 kinds of worsted fabrics , the handle of worsted fabrics with different kinds of polyester was discussed. 在4种精纺毛型织物基础上,探讨了含有不同类型涤纶精纺毛型面料的基本风格。

49、Finally, a dual genetic algorithm-based approach to evaluate the maximum allowable DG capacity is proposed. 最后,则提出以双基因演算法为基础之最大可并网分散型电源容量评估法。

50、Based on basic principles of grillage method, space grillage model is builded, and its effectiveness is verified. 本文基于梁格法的基本原理,建立空间梁格模型,文章最后通过算例验证了该模型的有效性和实用性。


51、Sentence comprehension is a process in which reader has syntactic and semantic parsing while retrieving meaning of word based on words recognition, and forms whole meaning of sentence. 句子理解是以字词识别加工为基础,在提取字义的同时进行句法分析和语义分析,最终形成句子的完整意义。

52、Introducing the alphabet pronunciation, phonation, sentence structures and the ten parts speech grammar of German to building the capability of reading and understanding the design based German. 建立设计专业用德文基础;德文发音、拼音、基本句型、词类文法及设计专业德文导读,用以念读及理解设计专业相关德文。


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